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SambaSafety Fleet Analytics

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Our advanced fleet safety analytics empower fleets and insurers to benchmark and expose concentrations of risk, accelerate intervention efforts and enable more targeted, data-driven decisions.

Get Simple Answers to Your Hardest Risk-Related Questions

Access sophisticated dashboards and driver safety reports for a better understanding of your risk.

How Much Driver Risk Do You Have

How Much Driver Risk Do You Have? 

We consolidate all your data sources into a single, holistic view of risk. You can tailor your view to prioritize what’s important to your business, receive alerts when metrics exceed set thresholds and share key insights and driver risk reports with stakeholders. Company insights include: 

  • Risk Trends 
  • Violation Trend Forecast
  • Group and Driver Leaderboards 

What Factors Are Contributing to Your Risk?

Pinpoint exposure with deeper insights into how categories like crash and claims, violations and license status contribute to your overall risk. Our dashboards reveal where driver risk is concentrated – by groups, locations or specific behaviors and drivers – to effectively address systemic problems and common risk areas. Example insights include: 

  • Leading Indicators and Heatmap
  • Counts, Categories and Sources
  • Leaderboards
SambaSafety Violation Trends
SambaSafety Data Analytics

How Engaged Is Your Team In Your Safety Program?

Track compliance and measure the effectiveness of your fleet risk management and safety program. You can even determine how often users access the SambaSafety platform, how frequently they respond to new information and how actively your rosters are managed. You can track:

  • High Priority Alerts Received and Closed
  • Driver Training Assigned and Completed
  • Daily Driver Counts

Why Advanced Data Analytics Matter

MVRs surface critical risk indicators like suspensions, violations, DUIs and revocations. Consider the facts:


of crash-related costs are caused by 10% of drivers


of fatalities involve drivers with an invalid license


of fatalities involve speeding

Access a Single Score for Simplified Fleet Risk Management

Streamline fleet safety analytics and access a quick summary of each driver's level of risk with our intuitive and highly accurate scoring model – the Risk Index.

The Risk Index combines MVR and telematics data with CSA, training and other driver activities into a single score, offering complete visibility into the overall risk profile of a driver. When these incidents occur, the Risk Index uses built-in logic and configurable activity weighting to intelligently score each activity and establish the total Risk Index score.

Advanced Fleet Risk Insights for Every Type of Business

Leverage driver risk offerings thoughtfully tailored to your industry.

Learn How We Help Customers Transform Fleet Risk Management

Department of Transportation Clerk

Wagner Equipment Co.

“SambaSafety gives us powerful tools for identifying important trends and the overall health of our fleet. The system is easy to use and gives us an additional layer of information that actually improves company safety."

eos trucking
Donna Dunn

Director of Safety, EOS Trucking

"[SambaSafety] revolutionized how we run MVRs, reducing the process to just two simple clicks. It gives us access to a wealth of reports and data on our drivers... The most important feature we utilize is the ability to receive notifications when a CDL becomes suspended or invalid. This has saved us on multiple occasions, where our drivers could have potentially been stopped at a scale, involved in a crash or pulled over, only to find that their license was suspended."

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