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Continuous Driver Monitoring Solutions

Never miss a violation, incident or license status change with SambaSafety’s comprehensive fleet driver monitoring solutions, including:

Fleet Driver Monitoring Covering Every Risky Event

MVR Monitoring

Discover how SambaSafety’s driver monitoring solutions work together to provide the most comprehensive view of driver risk. Automatically track ongoing updates to official state MVRs to ensure your drivers are both qualified and safe to drive.

  • Receive automated alerts for violations, crashes and other critical changes to a driver’s record
  • Get updates on license status changes for both U.S. and Canadian-based drivers
  • Close the visibility gap on driver risk between scheduled MVR reviews
SambaSafety MVR Monitoring
SambaSafety CSA Monitoring

CSA Monitoring

Access critical risk insights and ensure your team is operating within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) guidelines – all in one location.

  • Receive automated risk alerts on violations, citations, roadside inspections and DOT-reportable crashes
  • Quickly identify the top violations and drivers impacting your Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) scores
  • Stay ahead of driver eligibility with alerts on changes in CDL status, medical certificates and endorsements

Telematics Monitoring

Uncover risk undetected by law enforcement with near real-time incident alerts from telematics devices, helping empower interventions and reduce the likelihood of future violations and crashes.

  • Receive automated, near real-time contextualized alerts for harsh braking, speeding, phone use and more
  • Use your existing devices via our device agnostic solution that’s integrated with leading telematics brands
  • Access actionable insights compiled from data points collected by camera, telematics and electronic logging devices (ELDs)
SambaSafety Telematics Video

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Driver Monitoring Solution

Catch every risky driving event with 3,000+ integrated data sources all on one platform.


Integration Footprint


All 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)


Integrations with dozens of leading Telematics Service Providers

Best for

Any company with employees or contractors that drive for work 
(including part-time or personal vehicles)

Companies with regulated fleets and/or that employ drivers who possess their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Companies using one or more telematics device, ELD or camera

Alert Types

Violations, crashes or other changes 
to a driver’s MVR

Inspections, citations and DOT-reportable crashes

Contextualized alerts for high-risk trips, harsh braking, speeding, phone use and other risky behaviors

Additional Features & Benefits

Monitor changes to license status for U.S. and Canadian drivers

Quickly identify and rectify issues to boost Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores and reduce insurance costs

Proactively identify high-risk behaviors and take action before a violation or crash occurs

Driver Monitoring Solutions that Reduce Costs and Risk

We’re on a mission to save lives and it starts with a proactive approach to driver risk. Companies that monitor with SambaSafety often experience up to:


reduction in monthly violations within 12 months


reduction in crashes within the first 12 months


violation reduction after 12 months of using monitoring and training

Customers are Raving About our Driver Monitoring Solutions

There's a reason over 15,000 fleets trust SambaSafety

Ashlie Nguyen

HSE Analyst, Plains All American Pipeline

"[SambaSafety’s] user-friendly platform enables us to manage our drivers more efficiently and effectively. We’ve reduced our administrative workload, saving our team significant time. It’s easy to act on risk thanks to daily MVR monitoring alerts we receive any time one of our drivers is not in compliance with the FMCSA."

David D. Keyser

Vice President of Safety, Loomis U.S.

“Before SambaSafety, our team would manually pull 5,000+ MVRs twice annually – often learning of a driver’s DUI or suspended license six months to a year after the fact. We needed a continuous solution to provide this information sooner and with less manpower... Now we pull MVRs electronically once a year and continuously monitor our drivers via SambaSafety’s monitoring solution. The ease of accessing vital MVR information to ensure our drivers meet our stringent requirements is unmatched... the time savings is immeasurable.”