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Online Driver Training: Explore Our Course Catalog

To effectively mitigate driver risk among their fleet, safety managers must keep an eye out year-round for unsafe driving behavior. Upon discovering a driver violation, they then need a fast, simple and effective strategy in place to remediate the issue.

The shortest distance between knowing about risky driving behavior and fixing it is by assigning relevant driver safety training.

But building and maintaining effective driver training content is difficult and time-consuming, especially when you’re assigning it on an ongoing basis (which we highly recommended as a proactive training approach). Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Driver training courses should be engaging – not just a lecture or outdated video.
  • Courses should be easy to access on any device and convenient for drivers to watch on their own time.
  • Training should cover a variety of topics, instead of just assigning the same videos repeatedly.
  • Drivers should be trained on a new topic every month.

By utilizing our comprehensive platform, Qorta, you can establish a customized safety and driver training program that checks all the boxes above and fits your company’s unique needs.

>> Check Out Our Online Driver Training Course Catalog <<

Why Leverage an Online Driver Training Program?

Long hours and a fast-paced work environment can make it hard for drivers to fit one more thing into their day. Online training is the most convenient way to create a culture of safety and reduce liability.

Online driver training provides consistent, effective training to employees, with the smallest investment of both time and money. When was the last time you had the opportunity to invest in something proven to do all of the following?

  • Reduce insurance rates
  • Lower liability and litigation exposure
  • Improve driver retention
  • Put safer drivers on the road faster
  • Reduce orientation expenses
  • Gain visibility into who’s behind the wheel of your vehicles

By leveraging our driver training platform, Qorta University, companies can easily assign frequent, online training courses to proactively prevent future crashes and violations. They can also establish a targeted intervention strategy by assigning drivers to relevant training courses following a violation.

Check Out Our Driver Training Course Catalog 

At SambaSafety, our catalog of online driver training courses was designed to help prevent future violations and crashes. It includes courses for all driver and vehicle types: heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, vans and sedans. With Qorta’s comprehensive platform, you can assign, track and export lesson history all within Qorta.

Our team is constantly adding and improving our training courses to keep our communities safe – working around the clock to ensure that drivers are up to speed as new industry standards and regulations are implemented.

We encourage you to explore our catalog of over 300 online driver training courses that can be used during hiring and onboarding, refresher periods or remediation efforts. You can filter courses by vehicle type, workforce, course duration and much more!



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