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SambaSafety Integrates Telematics for the Most Comprehensive View of Risk in the Industry

February 1, 2023 – SambaSafety, the market leader in mobility and workforce risk management solutions, launched new capabilities that allow for device-agnostic telematics integrations, combining powerful data from multiple vendors and in-vehicle systems in one location for the industry’s most holistic risk profile.

SambaSafety serves more than 15,000 global employers and insurance carriers with monitoring, training and analytics, as well as risk assessment solutions for underwriting. Integrating existing telematics devices with SambaSafety’s robust platform empowers companies to completely transform the way they intervene with risky drivers, and ultimately, take their safety program to the next level. With real-time alerts on incidents and high-risk trips, companies can actively benchmark drivers and manage their risk profile reporting a 16% reduction in monthly crashes.

The addition of telematics data synchronized with claims, driver license, CSA data and recommended training sets SambaSafety apart as the most comprehensive risk management solution in the industry.

This groundbreaking solution is compatible with leading telematics service providers and offers key benefits that include:

  • Simplified access to valuable, actionable insights from all telematics devices
  • Real-time, contextualized alerts on high-risk incidents and trips
  • Single, comprehensive view of risk
  • Intelligent training recommendations from our catalog of over 300 specialized training courses to improve driver retention
  • The new SambaSafety Risk Index score, providing the most complete picture of risk each driver presents based on critical license, CSA, incident, and telematics data

“By centralizing and normalizing telematics data in addition to CSA, license and claims data that we process today, companies can formulate the most holistic profile of risk for each driver and make decisions that can significantly improve visibility and safety of your fleet,” said Matt Scheuing, CEO, SambaSafety.

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About SambaSafety

Since 1998, SambaSafety has been the leading North American provider of cloud-based mobility risk management software for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. SambaSafety serves more than 15,000 global employers and insurance carriers with driver risk and compliance monitoring, online training and deep risk analytics, as well as risk pricing solutions. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver record, telematics, corporate and other sensor data, we not only help employers better enforce safety policies and reduce claims, but also help insurers make informed underwriting decisions and background screeners perform accurate, efficient pre-hire checks.

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