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Summer Fridays at SambaSafety: Embracing a Four-Day Workweek

We have many new and exciting offerings in the works for 2022 and beyond. Our team works hard to ensure our solutions truly better our industry and the communities we serve. It’s important, however, that while we work towards our goal of promoting safer communities and making our roads a safer place, we also need to prioritize ourselves as individuals.

This is why we’ve implemented our new company-wide perk, “Summer Fridays.” Since June of 2022, our team has had every other Friday off throughout the sunny season – making every other week a four-day workweek.

The Goal of Summer Fridays

Consider how important it is for drivers to take rests during long trips – so they can recharge and ensure that they get to their destination safely. We address the well-being of our employees in the same way. We encourage our employees to take time off, rest and prioritize their lives outside of work. (It’s why we also offer unlimited PTO.)

Our Summer Fridays aim to give time back to our hard-working team members, so they can spend more time with their families during the summer break, focus on their well-being and mental health, get personal tasks done and feel more refreshed as they transition into the next workweek.

The four-day workweek is a concept that companies across many industries are exploring as they look to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. A study that surveyed 1,000 Americans found that 90% of people believe they would be more productive with a four-day workweek, with 98% agreeing that it would improve their mental health.

For SambaSafety, work-life balance is our way of life. Many times, when companies mention they value work-life balance, employees still find themselves exceeding 40-hour weeks, working on off days to keep up with the demand. At SambaSafety, we ask that each team member turn on their “out of office” and take the much-needed time for themselves. This way, they are much more refreshed for the next week – encouraging more engagement and productivity throughout the entire team.

How We’re Spending Our Fridays Off

It’s safe to say that the SambaSafety team is taking full advantage of Summer Fridays. A few of our EVR experts spent their day off at the Happiest Place on Earth, recently taking on Disneyland with their families.

Account Executives Abby and Erin hit the golf course and soaked in some Denver sunshine.

Vice President of Marketing Kristie Wieland also booked a weekend getaway to enjoy some wine tasting and spend quality time with friends in Napa, California.

Join the Movement at SambaSafety

We value the commitment of our team members – their passion is what fuels our growth and success. We also want to ensure that each and every employee knows that their well-being is a top priority at SambaSafety. That’s why we are constantly exploring new perks and ways to give back to these hard-working individuals.

Want to be a part of a passionate team that values positive work-life balance? Check out our careers page to learn more about our open positions and see if you’d be a good fit!


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