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How a Simple Scoring Model Leverages Telematics Data to Transform Fleet Risk Management

When it comes to fleet risk management, more data does not automatically translate to more value.

If you’re using separate programs and strategies to aggregate and analyze telematics data, monitor for MVR and CSA violations, maintain up-to-date driver profiles and keep track of crashes and claims, it’s difficult to see the forest from the trees as you struggle to identify hidden risk.

When it comes to telematics, cameras and in-vehicle sensor devices alone provide an overwhelming amount of data on your drivers and vehicles. From black boxes to driver- and forward-facing dashcams – these all offer data in different formats and with differing interpretations, making the task of logging into, using and understanding separate systems time-consuming and inefficient.

At SambaSafety, we are constantly enhancing our capabilities to better streamline fleet risk management and provide businesses with the most comprehensive solutions on the market. With our new predictive scoring model, Risk Index, businesses can now gain quick access to the most holistic view of their driver risk profile.

A New, Intelligent Scoring Model for Identifying Driver Risk

The SambaSafety Risk Index

In order to gain an accurate understanding of a driver’s potential risk, all risk factors must be considered.

SambaSafety’s Risk Index is a single, comprehensive score. It combines and normalizes data from license, claims and telematics sources to bring greater visibility into the overall risk profile of each driver.

The score is calculated by considering a driver’s real-time behavior (think telematics activities such as speeding, distracted driving and high-risk trips), motor vehicle violations and claims.

The Risk Index provides the greatest level of transparency and clarity into where the highest risk lies and how to intervene. It’s coupled with a detailed breakdown of contributing factors, including each activity represented in the score and its assigned weight for that event, making it quick and intuitive to pinpoint and act on the areas of highest concern.

aggregated telematics data

The Risk Index indicates the precise impact of these specific driving behaviors (or a combination of behaviors) to help distinguish between the top drivers and those with the greatest risk of causing an incident or claim. It’s normalized score is also based on each driver’s high-risk behavior per mile, allowing for consistency when comparing risk across your fleet. And with configurable weighting capabilities, safety managers can ensure their score is an accurate representation of how they define risk in their organization based on their company safety policy.

How Does this Enhance Fleet Risk Management?

A Single, Simplified View of Risk

With access to our exclusive Risk Index score, you can track your complete risk profile within a single view, to answer:

  • What behaviors put your fleet most at risk?
  • Where is your risk concentrated?
  • Who should you prioritize for intervention?
  • What high-risk behavior is happening right now that you need to respond to?

Reduction in Manual Data Management

Using disparate data sources to understand driver risk, make decisions and communicate impact takes hours of work due to the sheer volume and complexity of the data. With simplified access to these data sources, you’ll get a more complete profile of your driver risk – reducing the manpower, time and effort that’s needed to evaluate and act on driver activity.

Decrease in Crashes and Claims

By consolidating all events and activities into a single score, safety managers can rest assured that no high-risk activity is left unnoticed. With SambaSafety’s library of 300+ on-demand courses tailored to alert and vehicle type, drivers who present patterns of unsafe behavior can receive immediate coaching before an incident occurs.

By improving your visibility and streamlining your processes, you will ultimately see a decrease in violations, crashes and expensive claims across your driver population. As drivers are held accountable for their decisions behind the wheel and given immediate opportunities to remediate poor driving behavior, your safety culture will inevitably improve.

Ready to Maximize the Value of Your Telematics Data?

Companies that have integrated existing telematics data sources with SambaSafety’s risk management platform experience:

  • 16% reduction in monthly crashes
  • 40% improvement in driver engagement
  • 50% reduction in manual data management

To learn more about how you can leverage our solutions at SambaSafety to get the most complete picture of your driver risk, fill out our form below to schedule a demo with one of our data insight experts.

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