Earlier in 2023, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolled out a proposal to amp up its Safety Measurement System (SMS). Picture this: a more targeted focus on combatting crashes, a smarter use of driver data and a simplified approach for pinpointing and fixing safety issues at their core. It’s a big move toward safer and more efficient roads.

What implications do these proposed FMCSA changes hold for regulated carriers like you? And, more importantly, how can you ensure your team is well-prepared and confident if they do come into effect?

Below, we provide a quick recap of some of the many critical items covered in our recent webinar, Expert Perspectives: Navigating FMCSA’s Proposed Methodology Changes, as well as a link to watch a recording of the webinar on your own time.

FMCSA Changes Webinar Recap

The webinar, hosted by industry expert Steve Schwindt, Senior Director of Product Management at SambaSafety, featured a variety of experts in their unique spaces, including:

All four provided a deep dive into each of the potential updates to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) and SMS systems, which are anticipated to significantly impact CSA scores.

The Changes

These nine critical FMCSA changes include:

  1. Reorganized “BASICS”
  2. Reorganized Roadside Violations
  3. Simplified Violation Severity Weights
  4. Improved Intervention Thresholds
  5. Proportionate Percentiles
  6. Greater Focus on Recent Violations
  7. Updated Utilization Factor
  8. New Segmentation
  9. Accounting for Non-Preventable Crashes

The adjustments are a response to industry feedback and challenges to the existing methodology, aiming to address gaps and deficiencies within the current CSA framework. If implemented, these would be the most substantial adjustments to CSA since its launch in 2010.

But how and when will these changes unfold, and what resources and strategies can your team implement to best prepare? Our panelists covered all of this and more in their insightful discussion, including:

  • The reasons behind the proposed changes and their significance
  • How these changes might impact motor carriers, from compliance requirements to operational adjustments
  • Expert insights from a legal, insurance, association and employer’s perspective on how to interpret and respond to the changes
  • Valuable recommendations and resources for proactive preparation

Discover How the FMCSA Changes Could Affect Your Team

To dive deeper into the nine proposed FMCSA changes and discover expert tips from our panelists to ensure your fleet is well-prepared, download the full recording of our webinar to watch on-demand!

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