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America’s Most Dangerous Job

Commercial trucking is a vital component of America’s economy — the $700 billion industry is responsible for transporting 80 percent of the country’s cargo. Being a truck driver is the most common job in 29 states and also happens to be the most dangerous job too. Over 500,000 truck crashes kill around 5,000 people each year with one person being injured or killed every 16 minutes.

In a high-risk industry like trucking, what are you doing to prioritize safety?

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Combat Rising Risk and Cost

The industry is facing challenges incurring additional costs for trucking companies. Overall costs are rising as a result of taxes, increased fuel prices and driver wages, making it increasingly difficult to find qualified drivers. There are avoidable costs plaguing businesses, including one-fifth of all commercial vehicle roadside inspections resulting in a vehicle placed out of service.

It’s more important than ever to utilize technology helping curtail the ever-increasing risk and cost. Our Qorta platform simplifies the never-ending data feed, enabling customers to identify trends with ease and take action to remain compliant while preventing future violations, interventions and out of service orders.

Discover how much your company can save on claims each year with Qorta.

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Harness the Power of Data to Enhance Safety

Here’s How Qorta Can Help

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Get the Complete Picture on Your Drivers

Access comprehensive driver risk profiles featuring telematics, CSA and MVR monitoring for unmatched insight into employee driving behavior, helping you proactively stay informed of high-risk trips, new activity, expirations and roadside inspections.

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Streamline Actionable Data

Spot trends to guide intervention efforts using comprehensive data like those contributing most to your CSA score, most common violations, best performing drivers and more. We integrate regulatory, telematics, license and claims data sources into a single, comprehensive Risk Index, making it easy to analyze, prevent and respond to risk.

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Transform Your Safety Culture

Utilize data to tell an accurate and complete story around your current safety culture and strengthen it by identifying which employees should and shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Dedicate your company to a culture of safety by enrolling high-risk drivers in recommended training programs long before they fall outside of your safety policy.

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Significantly Reduce Violations

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More than ever before, we’re identifying drivers that have issues with their license and taking action before they get on the road. We know these issues would have been discovered months later with our old system, but now we can take care of these issues much sooner.


Vice President, Risk and Safety, DS Services

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