Ensure only the safest individuals are behind the wheel of your company vehicles with the industry’s most comprehensive driver risk management solution


Why Qorta?

It’s not uncommon for companies to pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) on an annual basis to identify and take action on high-risk drivers. However, much can happen during the remaining 364 days of the year, creating significant liability for your company.

There’s a better way to do business. SambaSafety’s Qorta platform offers the industry’s most comprehensive driver risk management solutions, helping companies lower cost, reduce administrative burden and ensure only the safest individuals are driving on behalf of your company.

Reduce Crashes and Claims

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Here’s How Qorta Helps Your Business

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Stay Informed of Violations

With continuous MVR monitoring, receive near real-time automated alerts when an employee receives a negative violation such as a speeding ticket, crash, suspended license or DUI.

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Identify and Mitigate Risk

Identify at-risk drivers and enroll them in specified training courses addressing high-risk behavior with the click of a button before they become disqualified or are involved in a crash.

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Get Instant MVR Returns

Purchase MVRs directly through Qorta, making it easy to access detailed driver-specific information.

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Stay Ahead of Roadside Inspections

Simplify fleet management with CSA data, MVR data, maintenance violations, citations, medical certifications and more all in one location.

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Better Enforce Driver Safety Policies

Digitize your driver policy and make it easier to enforce by customizing crash and claims scores based on what’s important to your organization.

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Enterprise-Level Convenience

Seamless human resources software integration and single sign-on capabilities reduce the administrative burden traditionally associated with large-scale risk management.

Helpful Resources

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How Continuous Monitoring Transforms Driver Risk Management

This white paper explores issues surrounding traditional driver risk management methods and how continuous driver monitoring transforms this process, whether it is unmatched insight into driving behavior helping companies save time and money, elevating their safety culture or retaining and hiring the best employees.

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Back to the Basics: The Essentials of MVRs and Driver Monitoring

Motor Vehicle Records, or MVRs, have been the backbone of SambaSafety's business and are the gold standard for understanding driver risk. In our latest webinar, Back to Basics: Essentials of MVRs and Monitoring, we answer the most common questions we hear around MVRs and how they can be used to manage driver risk.

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Why Monitoring Matters

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