Continuous Driver Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Get insight into the driving behavior of any employee, outsourced or in-house, helping your organization reduce overall costs and liability.


Hidden Risk on the Road

The U.S. healthcare transportation services market is expected to reach $31.51 billion by 2026. The explosion of non-emergency medical transportation and at-home healthcare companies play a significant role in this growth.

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Don’t Slip on Safety

Did you know the rate of speeding among drivers in the healthcare industry is five times higher than all other drivers? Furthermore, 75 percent of victims in fatal crashes involving ambulances are pedestrians or are in another car. However, the healthcare industry prioritizes risk and safety around malpractice and general liability, including slip and fall incidents, instead of driver safety.

What are you currently doing to ensure your patients, drivers, organization and surrounding community are safe on the roads?

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Address Driver Risk Head-On

Even if your organization outsources its drivers, you’re likely to share liability for incidents involving these drivers. That’s why it’s critical to ensure the right drivers are behind the wheel of your vehicles. SambaSafety’s Qorta platform provides continuous driver monitoring solutions, helping you proactively manage risk and avoid incidents that negatively impact your patients, organization and bottom line.

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How Qorta Helps You Stay Proactive

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Monitor Any Type of Employee

Get unmatched insight into driving behavior from on-campus shuttle drivers to outsourced ambulance drivers.

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Ensure Only the Safest Drivers are Behind the Wheel

Make sure violations never fall through the cracks with near real-time alerts on incidents like speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses, whether they occur on or off the clock.

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Proactively Mitigate Risk

Identify which drivers are most likely to cause crashes so you can intervene and educate if desired, helping avoid incidents that cost your organization money, and more importantly, negatively impact patient lives.

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