Continuous Driver Monitoring Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Receive near real-time alerts when drivers receive violations to prevent crashes and protect your employees, customers and reputation.


Understand Risk on the Road

Driving is the most dangerous thing your employees do, and a significant portion of your workforce is on the road every day. Your employees face great risk as pharmaceutical sales representatives log twice the miles of the average driver and are five times more likely to get into a crash.

What methods do you have in place to mitigate risk, ensuring the right individuals are driving on behalf of your company?

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Know Who’s Driving For You

You’re responsible for a wide array of drivers, including representatives driving their own cars, those in branded vehicles, DOT-regulated drivers and more. It’s a scary reality, but companies like yours are one crash away from a negligent entrustment lawsuit that would not only impact your bottom line but also the safety of your employees, brand reputation and future insurance premiums.

That’s why it’s critical to have the right tools in place, ensuring only the safest individuals are driving on behalf of your company. SambaSafety’s continuous driver monitoring platform, Qorta, makes it easy to manage any driver, helping you move toward proactive intervention and overall risk reduction.

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Reduce Driver Risk

Here’s How Qorta Can Help

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Ensure Only the Safest Drivers Are Behind the Wheel

Get unmatched insight into the driving behavior of your entire fleet with near real-time alerts on violations occurring on or off the clock, including speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses.

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Proactively Mitigate Risk

Identify high-risk drivers most likely to cause your next crash while preventing future incidents by enrolling them in necessary training programs or removing them from a driving role.

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Reduce Overall Costs

Don’t let urgency around meeting sales goals lead to bad driving behavior. By actively addressing speeding tickets when they occur and removing high-risk drivers from the road, you’ll prevent future costly incidents and can reduce rising insurance premiums.

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