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Why Companies Must Maintain a Fleet of Defensive Drivers

Roadway risk has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. That's why it's more important than ever for all drivers to remain on the defense. Learn more about the critical components of defensive driving, how to properly train your team to drive defensively and how to identify and intervene with employees engaging in risky driving behavior.

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Distracted Driving – A Preventable Problem

It is imperative to understand your organization’s exposure to driver risk, but how are you able to do so when considering how vastly underreported distracted driving is? This white paper speaks to the present state, tips to prevent distracted driving and the overall cost benefits that come from combatting distracted driving.

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How Continuous Monitoring Transforms Driver Risk Management

This white paper explores issues surrounding traditional driver risk management methods and how continuous driver monitoring transforms this process, whether it is unmatched insight into driving behavior helping companies save time and money, elevating their safety culture or retaining and hiring the best employees.

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Industry Reports & Guides

An Employer’s Guide to Predicting and Preventing Crashes

Explore how violations can serve as your crystal ball for identifying company drivers who are most likely to cause a fleet accident, helping you prioritize targeted interventions and mitigate risk.

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ELDT Essentials: Your Complete Guide to Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements

Download our comprehensive guide to gain valuable insights into the latest ELDT requirements for drivers and training providers, helpful FAQs and much more!

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6 Telematics Challenges and How Leading Fleets Overcome Them

Download our guide to discover strategies that help companies fully optimize their telematics devices – improving their overall fleet safety program and reducing driver risk.

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How to Protect Your Company from Non-Owned Auto Risk

When not properly managed, on-the-clock employees involved in crashes in their personal vehicles can lead to costly legal liabilities and damage to your bottom line. Take control of your fleet management with these tips from experts in the compliance and insurance industry.

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Insider Tips: How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes

Proper intervention strategies, training and awareness can eliminate nearly all crashes. Here are actionable strategies to protect your drivers and your bottom line.

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6 Steps to Implement a Comprehensive Driver Safety Policy

Discover what all goes into a comprehensive driver safety program and the steps companies like yours can take to implement and enforce one.

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Additional Content

Winter Neighborhood Danger Zones

Wintertime is full of hazards, both in and out of the vehicle. Slip, trip and fall injuries are the #1 worker’s comp claim and the #2 reason drivers get injured. Delivery drivers, especially new drivers, may not be aware of the danger zones that lurk under snowy lawns or unshoveled driveways. Get our free poster to learn more about the top neighborhood danger zones.

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The 7 Fundamentals of Defensive Driving

Looking to implement defensive driving training at your company? Utilize our convenient checklist to discover the 7 key elements you need to train your drivers on.

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8 Critical Components Every Safety Policy Must Have

A well-crafted policy sets clear standards for how your company defines safety. It's also the best method for communicating driver qualifications and responsibilities, as well as safety procedures specific to your company’s operations.

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