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From Crisis to Control: Protecting the Commercial Auto Insurance Ecosystem from Nuclear Verdicts

Discover the keys to resilience in the face of escalating nuclear verdicts within the commercial auto insurance industry.

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Revolutionize Your Approach to Mitigating Driver Risk: How the Right Technology Transforms Driver Safety Programs

Explore the issues surrounding traditional risk mitigation strategies and how platforms that offer critical tools like continuous MVR monitoring, telematics integrations and online driver training enable companies to identify and act on driver risk in record time.

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Why Companies Must Maintain a Fleet of Defensive Drivers

Roadway risk has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. That's why it's more important than ever for all drivers to remain on the defense. Learn more about the critical components of defensive driving, how to properly train your team to drive defensively and how to identify and intervene with employees engaging in risky driving behavior.

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Industry Reports & Guides

From Perception to Practice: An Insight into Insurer Data Strategies and Sentiments

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, in partnership with SambaSafety, conducted an extensive survey aimed at understanding the perspectives, trends and challenges faced by insurance carriers and brokers.

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MVR Monitoring vs. Telematics Solutions: Why It’s Not an Either/Or Decision

We present three key methods for identifying driver risk, offering an in-depth exploration of each strategy's strengths and weaknesses.

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Distracted Driving: Strategies for Refocusing Your Drivers on the Road

Whether you employ commercial drivers or have employees run errands on company time, distracted driving should be on your radar. Discover what top companies are doing to combat distracted driving among their employees.

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Expert Perspectives: Navigating FMCSA’s Proposed Methodology Changes

Is your team ready for the evolution of motor carrier safety? Discover proactive measures from industry experts to help your company best prepare for the proposed changes to the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS).

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Over 5.8 million crashes occur annually in the U.S., with 21% tied to weather conditions. To get your fleet through the winter season safely, you need a solid incident and injury prevention plan. The good news is: we’ve got one for you with our latest webinar on winter driving safety tips.

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How to Protect Your Company from Non-Owned Auto Risk

When not properly managed, on-the-clock employees involved in crashes in their personal vehicles can lead to costly legal liabilities and damage to your bottom line. Take control of your fleet management with these tips from experts in the compliance and insurance industry.

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Additional Content

4 Must-Have Tools for Optimizing Your Driver Risk Management Strategy

Discover how you can improve your driver risk strategy to reduce violations, crashes and costly litigation.

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The 7 Fundamentals of Defensive Driving

Looking to implement defensive driving training at your company? Utilize our convenient checklist to discover the 7 key elements you need to train your drivers on.

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8 Critical Components Every Safety Policy Must Have

A well-crafted policy sets clear standards for how your company defines safety. It's also the best method for communicating driver qualifications and responsibilities, as well as safety procedures specific to your company’s operations.

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