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Pay Attention, Carriers: One of the Most Commonly Seen Rate Evasion Tactics

Carriers don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for an enhanced customer experience. Learn how carriers can validate risk & conquer a common rate evasion tactic.

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Great Safety Training for Trucking Companies Must Cover These 12 Topics

Investing in driver success doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to driver training. Make sure your efforts cover these 12 topics though to ensure safety.

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3 Easy Ways Fleets Can Improve Truck Driver Satisfaction

Truck driver turnover is real and transportation has some of the lowest job satisfaction levels. Learn three ways fleets can improve driver satisfaction.

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Why Truck Driver Appreciation Doesn’t Last Just a Week at SambaSafety

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we wanted to thank those in the trucking industry. Your efforts to keep America moving do not go unnoticed.

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What a Year’s Worth of Warehouse Safety Training Courses Can Mean For Your Business

Employee safety training is needed but can be hard to create. It doesn’t have to be - learn what monthly warehouse safety training lessons can look like.

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Stone Point Capital Completes Acquisition of Mobility Risk and Insurtech Pioneer, SambaSafety

Mobility risk tech market leader SambaSafety announces that investment funds managed by Stone Point Capital LLC will become SambaSafety’s lead investor.

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2020 Driving Trends Every Safety Professional Needs to Know

The past year was unpredictable. Learn how safety professionals can combat such uncertainty by becoming smarter on fatality-causing 2020 driving trends.

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New Hampshire SB134 Bill Benefits SambaSafety Customers

New Hampshire SB134 eradicates a commonly heard SambaSafety customer pain point. Learn about that pain point & what this means for SambaSafety customers.

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Three Steps to Get Your Executive Team to Understand the Importance of Driver Training

You know the benefits of driver training, but you’re looking to convince your executive team. Learn three steps you can take to highlight its importance.

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