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What’s On An MVR, Explained

Hear from our Data Scientists Ayodele Obudela and Daniel Laney as they provide valuable insight into what's on an MVR and how this information is compiled.

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The Difference Between A Crash and Accident

It may seem like a difference between two words but there’s a big difference between a crash versus accident, including who’s at fault. Learn more.

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Three Tricks to Manage Your Brand’s Reputation

Best practices may exist for everything, but have you ever considered how to keep your brand’s reputation healthy? Learn more through our three tricks.

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Why Pair Continuous Driver Monitoring With Telematics

Telematics tell you in-car behavior – use continuous driver monitoring to discover behavior off the clock and get the full picture of your employee drivers.

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Your Questions Answered By Our Data Geeks

SambaSafety is perpetually fueled by data. Read further and delve into a myriad of topics from our own Data Scientists, Ayodele Odubela and Daniel Laney.

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Learn The Telematics Basics And Why It Isn’t Enough Alone

Read on to learn about telematics and why the in-car devices aren’t enough, whether it be with companies employing drivers or those behind the wheel.

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The Real Story of Violation Data During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hear from Steve Bryan EVP & GM, Transportation, SambaSafety, & Daniel Murray, SVP, ATRI, about the reality of violation data during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Discover How You Can Identify Common Rate Evasion Tactics

Rate evasion tactics negatively impact loss ratios. Learn why validation’s key in understanding & accurately pricing unlicensed & foreign driver risk.

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Your Most Frequently Asked Continuous Driver Monitoring Questions, Answered

Continuous driver monitoring can be confusing when first looking to implement. We work to answer your most commonly asked driver monitoring questions.

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