business man driving big truck expressing happiness with smile

How You Can Take Control of Driver Happiness

Employee job satisfaction is incredibly important & integral to your business. How can you do this and why should you start with your drivers? Learn more.

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Semi truck on highway concept with motion blur

How to Save Yourself from Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Commercial vehicle crashes are on the rise. Learn why and how commercial driving risk management software from SambaSafety can help mitigate crashes.

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fatigued women driving with hand on head and steering wheel

What No One Tells You About Driving Fatigued

We know driving under the influence is unsafe. Have you thought about the dangers of driving while drowsy? Learn how you can combat fatigue while driving.

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group of business people talking around computer in office

How Commercial Trucking has Transformed with Technology

Technology in trucking is reshaping the commercial transportation industry. Learn more about these changes occurring and what it means for the future.

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Aerial view of Harbor 110 and Santa Monica 10 freeway interchange

How to Effectively Prepare for an Unpredictable 2021 [Podcast]

As we think of how to effectively prepare for an unpredictable 2021, options begin to emerge. One of the best solutions? Driver monitoring. Learn more.

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Cars on the highway at sunset

The Pros and Cons Of Owning Your Own Fleet

Businesses require their employees to drive for a variety of reasons. Do you know the pros and cons of owning a fleet of cars and which is best for you?

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American highway going through snow capped mountain landscape

The Best Solution for Annual Motor Vehicle Record Pulls

If your employees drive for work, you need continuous driver monitoring. Learn why an MVR monitoring system changes the way you effectively mitigate risk.

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Businesswoman sitting at table opposite laptop in work

How to Quickly Identify Your Riskiest Drivers

Having less than the best MVR monitoring can impact more than just your bottom line. Do you know how much your riskiest drivers could end up costing you?

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Driving car with hands on steering wheel

A New Way to Think About About Managing Driver Risk [Podcast]

We at SambaSafety are on a mission to reduce crashes 20 percent by 2025. How? Through equipping our customers with the best driver risk management tools.

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