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How to Prevent Road Rage Among Your Drivers

Commercial drivers can easily fall victim to road rage, especially if companies aren't utilizing driver training to combat it. Learn how fleets can reduce road rage.

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WEBINAR: Leverage Driver Risk Data to Reduce Losses and Claims

It's a tough climate for the commercial auto insurance industry, as carriers and brokers struggle with ever-rising combined ratios. In our webinar, we explore the multitude of benefits that Portfolio Insight and Qorta offer to insurance carriers, brokers and their clients.

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What Safety Managers Need to Know About Major vs. Minor Traffic Violations

Learn about traffic violations, the difference between major and minor traffic violations and how they inform tolerated risk for companies like yours.

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You Aren’t Doing Enough If You’re Relying on Pre-Employment MVR Checks

Many companies don’t realize is that an infrequent practice of checking MVRs that actually puts your company at risk.  

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Truck Driver Retention: Strategies to Help Keep Your Best Drivers

Year after year, companies struggle more and more with driver retention and shortages in the trucking industry. It's an extremely costly problem.

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SambaSafety Expands Driver Risk Visibility with Acquisition of Collision Management Systems

SambaSafety has acquired Collision Management Systems (CMS), the Milton Keynes, UK-based leader in telematics, camera and corporate data aggregation and risk analytics.

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The Importance of Implementing Distracted Driver Training

Companies need to combat the rising trend of distracted drivers out on the road – to protect the community and prevent huge, unplanned costs that affect fleets.

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ELDT Training Curriculum: How Online Courses Benefit Companies

With the new ELDT regulations in effect, there’s now an established national standard in place for obtaining a CDL. For companies that offer in-house training, implementing an online ELDT training curriculum has some impactful benefits.

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Common Auto Insurance Industry Challenges that Personal Carriers Face

It’s challenging to establish a profitable business as a carrier in the auto insurance space. Countless factors come into play that can either help or hinder your profits and overall success as a business.

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