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5 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Employees

Winter weather presents a huge risk to fleet safety, creating added dangers and stress for employee drivers. This alongside the rise in risky driving behavior year after year creates a greater potential for employee-involved crashes.

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How Can Companies Maximize the Value of Their Telematics Data?

Telematics data provides a wealth of information, all of which works to promote effective and efficient fleet management. We discuss the exclusive benefits and insights that telematics data can deliver – from cost savings and driving customer loyalty to increasing fleet safety.

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Fleet Risk Mangement: How Driver Violations Can Predict Crashes and Claims

Our study showcases how employee driver violations can predict future crashes, helping companies establish and maintain more targeted fleet risk management strategies.

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Built In Honors SambaSafety in Its Esteemed 2023 “Best Places To Work Colorado”

We are excited to announce that SambaSafety was honored in Built In’s 2023 Best Places To Work Awards for “100 Best Places to Work Colorado.” Built In’s annual awards program includes companies that foster meaningful employee experiences through cultural programs and benefits their people value.

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Overcoming Underwriting Challenges: Hitting a “Hole-in-One” at Rate Call 1

Consumers now expect effortless buying experiences across all industries, and shopping for insurance is no exception. Policyholders expect a seamless application process that segues into a quick and accurate quote – the first time, every time.

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Your Driver Safety Policy Needs These 8 Key Components, According to Experts

A driver safety policy is your way of communicating and enforcing driver responsibilities to those employed at your company. Whether you already have an established policy, or you’re drafting one for the first time, effective policies must contain these critical components.

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Does Your Winter Safety Program Include Driver Injury Prevention? 

Most fleets train drivers on how to handle their vehicles in winter weather, but many don’t realize that drivers are more likely to slip on an icy sidewalk, trip on a curb hidden by snow or pull a muscle than collide with another vehicle.

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FNOL and Telematics Data Management: Why Speed and Accuracy Matter

Fast, accurate FNOL is critical to fleet managers, companies and insurers. The faster they can react to an incident, the better chance they have of keeping costs under control.

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Are You a Winter Driving Safety Expert? Try Our Quiz

How well do you know winter driving safety? Try our 10 question, multiple-choice winter safety quiz. Test your knowledge and pick up useful stats you can share with drivers.

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