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Why Excel Is a Dangerous Tool for Managing Vehicle and Driver Data

Excel is used around the world, is a basic office skill, and therefore provides a simple-to-deploy solution that is familiar to its users. However, just because it’s a ubiquitous skill doesn’t mean it is the right tool for fleet safety management.

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8 Key Benefits of MVR Monitoring Software

Driver risk management has traditionally been a manual, time-intensive process for companies — but that’s changing thanks to emerging technologies. Tools like MVR monitoring software make this process less of an administrative burden, all while providing better, more actionable insight.

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Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT): 6 Frequently Asked Questions

FMCSA's Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations set the baseline for training requirements for entry-level drivers. We provide helpful answers to frequently asked questions as drivers and training providers work to meet these new requirements.

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Fleet Driver Safety: Navigating the Dangers of School Zones

With school back in session, the added traffic and pedestrians on the road present a great risk to company drivers traveling through school zones. Fleet safety managers must take a proactive approach to ensure that their drivers remain cautious and vigilant.

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Uncovered Exposure: The Risk Behind Manual MVR Pulls & Unreported Violations

Far beyond the administrative burden of infrequent manual MVR pulls is the costly issue of hidden driver risk that it creates – increasing the potential of future crashes and expensive claims. This exposure in turn increases the cost of companies' commercial auto premiums, as insurers need to charge more to profitably insure them.

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Driver Feedback: 5 Questions to Improve Your Company’s Fleet Safety Culture

In order to establish a positive, proactive safety culture, you need to have 100% buy-in from your drivers – as they are the ones behind the wheel with the most control over their own driver risk. With this in mind, understanding your drivers' perspective on your company’s current approach to safety is a great place to start.

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WEBINAR: The Fundamentals of Defensive Driving

Discover the critical components of defensive driving and why your company should be reinforcing these techniques to protect both your team and bottom line.

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How Can Companies Maximize the Value of Telematics Data?

We group the value of telematics data into three areas: to inform strategic decisions, optimize fleet operations (including safety) and improve customer service. Combined, these three uses give fleet operators a competitive edge – one that delivers cost savings, drives customer loyalty and protects company reputation.

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The Importance of Providing a Seamless Digital Experience for Auto Insurance Customers

Customer loyalty is at an all-time low. With more and more policyholders shopping elsewhere for better rates, customer churn is costing carriers billions of dollars globally. How can insurers stand out from their competition? It starts with improving their customers' digital experience.

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