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Enhancing Commercial Auto: The Essential Telematics Playbook

Insurers that make the appropriate investments in telematics will reap significant benefits and gain greater stability than their competitors. In this blog, we explore value and potential challenges of using telematics in the commercial auto space.

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Hidden Dangers: The Consequences of Neglecting Fleet Maintenance

Neglecting fleet maintenance can have severe consequences for both drivers and their employer alike. Here's how overlooking it can be a major risk.

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Use Fleet Data to Prove You’re a Lower Auto Insurance Risk for Commercial Carriers

How can commercial fleet operators better use their own fleet data to show their risk profile situation and improvement to their insurers? And, by so doing secure better insurance rates?

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Reimagining Underwriting: 5 Tips for P&C Insurers

Despite ongoing industry struggles, insurers have an opportunity to reassess their processes, reduce costs and build resilience in 2024. In this blog, we will explore ways that P&C insurers can address these challenges and future-proof their business.  

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5 Problems Fleet Managers Need to Address During Truck Driver Onboarding

Truck driver retention is an industry-wide challenge. Learn how addressing five key problems in onboarding can help improve your fleet’s driver retention.

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Navigating Telematics Deployment Methods: A Decision-Maker’s Guide for Commercial Carriers

As carriers prepare to scale, they often expand the program to support multiple providers and devices. That’s where they must consider the options of supporting those integrations in-house or partnering with a telematics aggregator. This guide aims to shed light on the nuances of both approaches

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PRO-DEFENSE: 7 Defensive Driving Training Topics for Fleets

Dealing with bad driving behavior, poor road conditions and other collision-causing factors is all about developing the right mindset. That’s why establishing a proactive, positive safety culture across your fleet is so integral. This can be accomplished with frequent defensive driver training.

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Understanding Telematics Aggregation for Commercial Insurance

For commercial insurers keen on maintaining a competitive edge, understanding and effectively leveraging telematics aggregation is a strategic move that can reshape the landscape of risk management and policy customization. We explore the challenges insurers have found in using telematics data and how using aggregated data helps solve the problem.

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How to Conduct an Effective Fleet Safety Audit

Don't leave the efficacy of your fleet safety program is left up to chance. Here's how to conduct an audit that helps achieve your long-term goals. 

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