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Does Your Fleet’s Driver Training Program Cover These 3 Critical Topics?

On average, fleets that implement monthly driver training experience 50% fewer violations than their less-trained peers. Want to make sure your training program is as effective as possible? Add these three critical components to your company driver training policy to minimize risk and maximize savings.

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The Importance of Providing a Seamless Digital Experience for Auto Insurance Customers

Customer loyalty is at an all-time low. With more and more policyholders shopping elsewhere for better rates, customer churn is costing carriers billions of dollars globally. How can insurers stand out from their competition? It starts with improving their customers' digital experience.

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SambaSafety Announces Samsara Integration with Risk Cloud

SambaSafety is proud to announce our partnership with Samsara, pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud. Together, we're painting a complete picture of risk for companies wanting to expand their driver safety program.

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6 Ways to Make Telematics Data Work for Your Driver Safety Program

Telematics data can transform your fleet safety program, but the information is often messy and overwhelming. In this blog, we share simple steps you can take to overcome common obstacles fleets tend to face.

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Roadways at Risk This Week with Higher Daylight Savings Car Crashes

With more studies coming out in recent years, many are expressing their disapproval of daylight saving time. The disruption of daily routines has been tied to negative health effects such as higher rates of strokes and heart attacks. But what is most concerning in our industry is in the increase of crashes.

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An Inside Look into the Proposed Changes of the FMCSA Safety Measurement System

The FMCSA recently proposed significant, unexpected changes to its safety management system. We break down their nine proposed improvements and how they could impact your fleet.

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CMV Winter Driving Tips: The Importance of Having a Winter Pre-Trip Checklist

Using the same pre-trip inspection checklist year-round is an expensive mistake. Slick roads and holiday stress make winter the most challenging time of year for drivers. Help your team adopt a winter safety mindset by giving them a pre-trip checklist tailored to the specific hazards of winter driving.

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6 Tips for Creating a Fleet Safety Program that You Can Feel Confident In

An effective fleet safety program should be proactive and comprehensive, but many state guidelines only cover the bare minimum. We walk you through the six critical components you should include when building your fleet safety policy.

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SambaSafety Wins National Honors as a 2023 Top Workplace

We’re honored to receive national recognition – a SambaSafety first – for our fantastic company culture. As a 2023 Top Workplace USA award winner, we rank among some of the most innovative and influential companies in the country.

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