Row of shiny metal tanker trucks

What Trucking’s Retention Problem Has to Do with the Gas Shortage

The truck driver shortage has only agitated scarcity seen in the U.S. supply chain. Learn why CDL driver retention is integral in keeping America moving.

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lawyer writing on paper with pen while looking as well at cell phone

Life Changing Ways to Free Insurers from the Burden of MVRs [Podcast]

Listen to The Blind Spot and hear Rick Fendell, VP, Data Solutions & Channels, as he discusses how MVRs are weighing insurers down and how to stop this.

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Young woman driving car in the forest - rear view

Why You Need Driver Monitoring More Than Ever If Using Telematics

Telematics & GPS only tell you in-car behavior. Learn how driver monitoring can provide insight into behavior you may be missing & the full driver picture.

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Busy evening cityscape with cars and people on 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan New York City

Three Tips So You Can Effectively Mitigate Driver Risk

What steps are being taken to mitigate your organization’s driver risk? Learn more through our three ways in which you can best protect yourself from risk.

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Long and winding road in the fall at dusk or sunrise with no cars occupying space

What You Aren’t Seeing When Only Implementing Telematics

Read on to learn about telematics and why the in-car devices aren’t enough, whether it be with companies employing drivers or those behind the wheel.

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Scenic Landscape With Highway At Sunrise

The Five Commandments of Long-Haul Road Tripping

For those on long road trips, maintaining focus can be tough. Don’t fret though - discover helpful road trip tips for your next long haul road trek.

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empty side street in New York City with taxi cab on road

Three Useful and Quick Driver Risk Management Tips for 2021

Times of uncertainty & less drivers on the road means that driver risk management solutions like driver monitoring are more valuable than ever. Learn more.

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Driving a modern car on the road.

How to Own Your Driver Safety Efforts and Initiatives like a Pro

Worrying about your loved ones getting home safe is never fun. Let driver monitoring put your fears at ease and know only the best are on the roads.

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driver on road behind the wheel of vehicle with hand on wheel

How Successful Driver Risk Management Programs Avoid High-Risk Drivers

While optimistic to view all drivers as responsible, that’s not always the case. Learn about the importance of safe drivers for company risk management.

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