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SambaSafety Unveils 2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automotive Mobility 

Greenwood Village, May 22, 2024 - In an era of labor shortages, fast-changing regulatory requirements and dangerous driving behavior, employers and insurers alike face unparalleled challenges in managing driver risk. SambaSafety, the pioneering force in cloud-based driver risk management, announces the release of its inaugural 2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automotive Mobility.   


Amidst labor shortages, fluctuating regulatory requirements, and concerning driving behaviors, the need for data-driven insights has never been more critical. The 2024 Driver Risk Report addresses this urgency by offering a detailed analysis of developments influencing the automotive sector. 

The report leverages SambaSafety's vast repository of telematics, motor vehicle record (MVR), and Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) data to provide invaluable observations into the evolving landscape of driver risk.  

“Our extensive network unlocks driving insights from over 3,000 integrated data sources, offering unparalleled visibility into driving behaviors,” said Rich Lacey, chief product officer at SambaSafety. “As we launch the SambaSafety Risk Index to our monitoring customers this month, they will gain access to a comprehensive risk score, offering a holistic view of driver and fleet risk profiles. This feature will simplify how companies uncover and reduce the trending risk identified in our 2024 Driver Risk Report.” 

Notable findings in the report include: 

  • The average violation rate for drivers in the U.S. and Canada was 27% in 2022.   
  • In the Southwest, Pacific, and Midwest U.S. regions, the top three violations in 2021 and 2022 were all related to speeding.
  • Drivers aged 26 to 35 had the highest violation rate in 2022, reaching 33.9%. 

The report explores how these trends affect various facets of driver risk management, including hiring and retention practices, compliance with fluctuating laws and regulations, and insurance rates and profitability. By combining pragmatic evidence with expert analysis, the report offers a deeper understanding of the factors influencing driver risk and safety.  


The 2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automotive Mobility is now available for download on the SambaSafety website. For more information and to access the report, please click here. 

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SambaSafety is a recognized innovator and leading provider of cloud-based risk management solutions for over 15,000 organizations with automotive mobility exposure, including many on Fortune’s Global 500 list. Employers and insurers benefit from SambaSafety’s continuous monitoring, intuitive insights, risk reduction tools, and configurable pricing solutions. Through the collection, correlation, and analysis of federal, state, local, and telematics data sources, our flexible, end-to-end capabilities enable businesses and insurers to better evaluate and mitigate driving risk, accelerate product development, reduce crashes, and foster safer communities.  


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