The evolution of the background check space is revolutionizing how businesses approach hiring, training and retention across all industries. In the most recent episode of Background Check Radio, Host Kevin Bachman, The CRA Doctor and Partner at IQubed Advisors, sits down with SambaSafety’s Chief Product Officer Rich Lacey and IQubed Advisors Co-Funder Jason Morris to discuss background screening trends that are causing major shifts in the industry.  

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In the episode, the three industry leaders cover a wide range of topics concerning background screeners and consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) – from the history of the industry to the current state and emerging trends. They highlight how it’s an interesting and complex time for the background screening space, as the expectation for faster, more accurate information increases over time, as well as a willingness to sell new products.  

More companies are starting to look beyond traditional talent acquisition and human resource management, exploring new opportunities in ongoing risk assessment. This has encouraged background screening companies to evolve beyond simply providing data, offering more holistic solutions that help companies with hiring, training and overall retention.  

Rich discusses how SambaSafety works with hundreds of CRAs in the MVR pre-hire space. SambaSafety’s solutions help these CRAs tell more stories through data, such as monitoring driver behavior and tailoring risk profiles to programmatically enforce safety policies. By looking at data sets in conjunction with one another, companies can gain a more complete (and accurate) picture of their risk.  

For example, MVR data and telematics data can be used together to assess driver risk more accurately. Criminal data is highly correlated with major traffic violations and invalid licenses, which are huge indicators of risk. Companies can significantly reduce their exposure just by ensuring that every driver has a valid license. Rich also makes an important point that driver monitoring is not just for trucking, but can be applied to a wide range of industries where employees drive for work. 

The three also stress the importance of investing in employees post-hire, helping them improve through ongoing training opportunities. With this proactive strategy, companies will undoubtedly discover an increase in loyalty and retention.  

Overall, the collaboration and partnership between background screening companies and HR departments will be critical in bridging the gap between talent acquisition and retention. As the background check industry continues to evolve, it will be essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve and offer new and innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of their clients – establishing trusted relationships and influencing the longevity of their businesses.

Are Your Clients Doing Enough to Ensure Their Employees Are Qualified to Drive? 

With the increasing emphasis on risk management, businesses are looking for more comprehensive solutions beyond traditional talent acquisition and HR. This is where the importance of evaluating all data sets comes in to provide businesses with the complete picture of their risk – from MVR and CSA data to telematics, crashes and claims. Maintaining a comprehensive safety program that leverages these sources can significantly reduce a company’s exposure to risk, improve safety and ultimately lead to an increase in retention rates.  

How can businesses get started? Download our guide that shares best practices for regularly reviewing employee MVRs post-hire to ensure drivers are meeting the standards set within a company’s safety policy.  

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