Driver Monitoring for Carriers Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Imagine if, as a carrier, you could benefit from the implementation of one simple tool?

With driver monitoring, this becomes a reality.

First and foremost, continuous driver monitoring positively impacts loss frequency, driving down overall costs. Why is this? When carriers are invested in helping customers implement proactive driver risk management, fewer overall claims will lead to lower combined ratios, improving the overall profitability of customers who adopt this new “best in class technology.”

Companies are able to receive comprehensive data through continuous driver monitoring, not only helping them better identify and address common high-risk driving but also allowing them to track the success of their policy holder’s intervention efforts focused on reducing the rate of these incidents over time.

By offering tools like continuous driver monitoring, carriers are able to position themselves as invaluable partners to their customers rather than just coverage providers. Especially in times of economic downturn, relationships go a long way.

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