September 11-17 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week for 2022. Throughout the week, the nation’s trucking industry will honor the 3.6 million professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment to the extremely critical role they play in our society.

Below, we share a handful of interesting trucking facts, as well as ways companies can show their appreciation for their dedicated truck drivers throughout the week and beyond.

Interesting Trucking Industry Facts

Did you know?

  • The trucking industry hauled 72.5% of all freight transported in the United States in 2019, equating to 11.84 billion tons.
  • The average trucker will drive over 100,000 road miles per year. That works out to nearly 40 trips across the United States. The average US motorist drives about 13,500 miles a year.
  • Most grocery stores would run out of food in just three days if long-haul truckers stopped driving.
  • According to the American Trucking Association’s U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2022, freight tonnage will spike 24% in 2022, resulting in a 66% revenue increase in the industry.
  • In 2018, the trucking industry was short 60,800 drivers – the record high and up 20% from the previous year. If the current trends continue, the shortage could reach 160,000 by 2028.

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5 Ways Employers Can Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Companies large and small implement creative ideas to show appreciation for their truck drivers. We’ve compiled a list of five easy ways to thank your drivers for their commitment to their role, their company and the communities they serve.

Thank You Messages

A written note thanking your drivers can go a long way. Consider sending out personalized thank you notes to drivers and their families for their sacrifices and dedication.

Free Meals

Provide free breakfast or lunch for your team. For drivers who are out on the road, you can give your employees free credit through meal delivery services such as Grubhub, which they can use for a meal of their choice from anywhere in the country.


Practical gifts for truckers are a great way to show your appreciation. From electric blankets and coolers to Bluetooth headsets and shower kits – there are many items that can make life a little easier while on the road.


Giveaways are a fun way to engage your drivers and reward them for all of their hard work. You can offer different tiers of prizes in a raffle, or reward drivers who positively represent your brand and keep safety top of mind.


Numerous trucking-related businesses and organizations are celebrating truck drivers with various forms of deals and recognition throughout the week (or even the entire month). Compile a list of these businesses and share their discounts with your drivers. You can also call local businesses and find out what discounts they may have to offer.

Strategies to Help Retain Your Best Drivers

As the industry faces a historical driver shortage, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your drivers know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. This should be a mindset that is regularly maintained beyond National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Companies must always prioritize their drivers’ satisfaction, safety and well-being – especially as the roads become more dangerous year after year.

Drivers will ultimately feel more satisfied in their role if they are confident while behind the wheel – even more so as new, younger drivers enter the workforce. This confidence can be instilled and reinforced with frequent, proactive driver training.

You can discover how safety programs such as driver training can immediately improve your recruiting and retention efforts by watching our webinar, “Overcoming the Driver Shortage: How to Hire and Onboard Safer Drivers.”