Your Most Frequently Asked Continuous Driver Monitoring Questions, Answered

Continuous driver monitoring automatically alerts you when an employee driving on behalf of your company receives a negative violation. You can ensure only the safest individuals are driving on behalf of your company at any point in time. What are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear at SambaSafety?

How does continuous driver monitoring work?

Employers simply upload a list of all individuals driving for their company, including name, driver license number and state they’re licensed in, all on SambaSafety’s platform. Any time an employee receives a negative violation, such as a speeding ticket, crash, suspended license or DUI, the platform automatically alerts you.

Why does continuous driver monitoring matter?

It’s common practice for companies to pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) on an annual basis, however, much can happen during the other 364 days of the year. With continuous driver monitoring, you’ll be alerted of these violations in near real-time and can immediately take action, whether that be enrolling those drivers in necessary training programs or removing them from your fleet.

How does continuous driver monitoring compare to telematics?

SambaSafety’s driver monitoring platform is a SaaS-based technology, meaning no hardware is required to monitor your drivers. Simply upload your list of drivers into the platform and begin receiving automatic alerts any time a violation occurs.

Telematics is most often a hardware application installed in each vehicle that monitors what drivers are doing in that specific vehicle. Telematics can track everything from GPS location to the speed a vehicle is traveling. What telematics does not provide is insight into violations received when someone is driving that vehicle.

The best way to differentiate the two is that continuous driver monitoring identifies who exactly is driving your vehicles and whether or not they should be based on your safety policy, while telematics tells you exactly what drivers are doing within those vehicles.

The two solutions work well together, proactively ensuring you have the best drivers on the road and comprehensive insight.

To learn more about continuous driver monitoring and why it matters, download our white paper.