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Bring Simplicity to the Underwriting Process

Whether you offer commercial or personal coverage, understanding, selecting and pricing the right risk is a labor-intensive, expensive process. There’s a better way to do business, one that enables your underwriters to do their job more accurately and efficiently.

Identify and Assess Risk

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Why SambaSafety?

For over 20 years, SambaSafety has been the industry leader in driver risk management. Through our vault of records, we have gathered critical insight into the driving population over the years, including:

  • Three to five percent of drivers have an invalid license and cause 19 percent of fatalities
  • 26 percent of fatalities involve speeding
  • Distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as the top contributor to crashes
  • 30 percent of applicants claiming to only have a foreign license have a U.S. license with activity on it

illustration of driver safety reports

Better Identify and Price Risk

Someone in your book of business is statistically likely to fall into one of the categories above. Think about what inaccurately pricing that person will cost you.

We understand the negative impact high-risk drivers have on your company. Let us help you reduce administrative burden, increase accuracy and improve profitability over time.

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Our solutions save providers significant time and money each month. Ready to learn how SambaSafety can transform your underwriting process? Schedule your demo with one of our specialists today.