Reduce expenses and improve combined ratios using convenient software that brings life-changing efficiencies to the entire underwriting process.


Why Volta?

Without the right software in place, a great deal of time, energy and money goes into providing an accurate insurance quote to a prospective customer. That’s why we developed Volta— to reduce overall expenses and positively impact combined ratios by helping underwriters better assess risk.

Accurately Price Risk

See how Volta makes this possible.

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How We Do It

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Quote the Right Prospects

Establish rules around which violations are important to you. With the help of Volta, you can quickly see who presents too much risk and who needs further evaluation.

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Easy Access to Relevant Data

Comprehensive driver data makes it easy to get the necessary information on each prospect without the administrative burden.

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Instant MVR Returns

Gain instant access standardized MVRs across all 50 states.

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Validate Driver Identity

Verify an applicant’s identity through convenient evasion tools. Volta offers License Validation in 39 states and is the ONLY solution on the market covering the state of California.

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Better Quote Renewals

Help your customers manage risky drivers before they cause claims with Qorta, our driver monitoring platform.

Significantly Reduce Underwriting Costs

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Helpful Resources

Learn more about how solutions can benefit your business.

Appropriately Pricing Insurer Opportunities and Driver Risk

The market is evolving, with exceeding pressure surrounding customer expectations, increased competition, greater diversity and automated business process impacting underwriting performance. For insurance carriers targeting foreign or unlicensed drivers, these changes provide new challenges and opportunities when pricing and assessing risk.

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Using Predictive Models to Assess and Act Upon Changing Driver Behavior

Learn how the implementation of AI and predictive modeling can help identify leading indicators that are correlated to risky driving behaviors. Speakers discussed: How predictive modeling can enhance driver risk assessment, and the overarching risk implications for the business or portfolio. What the future of predictive modeling looks like and how it will play a prominent role within the insurance and risk management community. How this technology positively affects both the carrier’s position in the marketplace and the risk professional’s business as a whole.

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Why Carriers Must Ensure Their Customers are Monitoring Hired and Non-Owned Drivers

There are an estimated 30-40 million company drivers using their own vehicle or rental car to meet with customers, travel to a patient, visit offices or job sites, run errands for their employer or do part-time work. These hired and non-owned drivers represent one of the most unmonitored high-risk groups for businesses today. This poses a huge financial risk for companies and their commercial insurance carriers – if an employee involved in a crash has a lapse in insurance coverage or is underinsured for their policy, the employer and the insurer are still on the hook. If a major crash involves a DUI or worse, litigation most likely will lead back to the employer AND to the commercial insurer.

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