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Unlock Access to the 2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automotive Mobility

Unmatched Driver Risk Insight and Mitigation

Discover how SambaSafety’s industry-leading driver risk management solutions transform the way fleets and insurers identify, manage and reduce risk. 

  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Online Driver Training
  • Actionable Insights

Driver Risk Solutions for Every Type of Business

SambaSafety Risk Cloud

The SambaSafety Risk Cloud revolutionizes driver risk management for businesses and insurers.

Our robust architecture harmonizes vast amounts of raw driving data from global, federal, state and local sources and ties it to a comprehensive risk profile for each individual. This complete visibility fuels a unique suite of capabilities that enable users to evaluate, manage and act on risk throughout the entire policyholder or driver lifecycle. Organizations can:

  • Elevate risk assessment and driver evaluation
  • Transform driver safety programs
  • Boost safety, compliance and efficiency

Discover Why 15,000+ Customers Trust SambaSafety

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Matthew Fox

Senior Director, Driver and Delivery Training and Strategy, Sysco

“We love the consistency SambaSafety brings to our online training program. We constantly hear how easy it is to understand the material and get through each lesson, driving home the points they need to remember. Once they arrive on-site, they can then focus more on the hands-on training they need.”

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Donna Odom

Compliance Manager, Nine Energy Service

“SambaSafety’s user-friendly interface has proved to be an invaluable solution, providing real-time visibility of violations, suspensions, disqualifications, expirations and downgrades. This paired with their excellent customer service is why we've found SambaSafety to be the best fit for our company and our mission to mitigate risk.”

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Ashlie Nguyen

HSE Analyst, Plains All American Pipeline

"[SambaSafety’s] user-friendly platform enables us to manage our drivers more efficiently and effectively. We’ve reduced our administrative workload, saving our team significant time. It’s easy to act on risk thanks to daily MVR monitoring alerts we receive any time one of our drivers is not in compliance with the FMCSA."

MTS2 (1)
Jared Garcia

Manager of Safety, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

“Over time, [SambaSafety] has proven to be an invaluable tool for ensuring our drivers are properly licensed and maintain up-to-date endorsements... SambaSafety gives us confidence that there are no unsafe or unlicensed drivers representing our company on the road.”

The Most Comprehensive Driver Risk Ecosystem

Customer Spotlight

Discover How Keany Produce & Gourmet lowered insurance costs and reduced violations by 37% with SambaSafety.

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