Visibility Gap

Visibility Gap

Most companies that have employee drivers check motor vehicle records (MVRs) once a year, or even just once at hire. However, that’s just a snapshot in time and creates a visibility gap of employee driving incidents and trends the other 364 days of the year.

That’s where we come in.

Shaping Driver Behavior

Shaping and Changing Behavior

Safety is about preventing bad driver behavior from occurring and recognizing those who are keeping the roads free of crashes. We know we can’t prevent all crashes, but we can change the culture of driving.

Together, we can make the roads safer for everyone.

Driver Safety Culture

Building a Culture of Safety

You want your employees to safely return to their families every day. With continuous driver monitoring, we are your partner in the safety of your employees and community. When drivers know that their behavior is being tracked, they’re much more conscientious about following the rules of the road and driving cautiously, both at work and in their personal time.

Let’s work together to build a culture of safety across your organization.

Understand Your Drivers

  • Identify your best and worst drivers
  • Check your current risk profile
  • Benchmark your company driver safety


Be a Safety Leader

  • Uncover employee driver behavior and trends
  • Leverage driver data to predict future behavior
  • Implement proactive initiatives to protect your brand, retain employees, and enhance safety across your organization


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Wondering How We Do It?

Let’s Dive In

Driver Safety Made Simple.

“Violation is the result of behavior. It’s about being proactive before risky behavior turns into an accident. Having this information allows both the employer and the driver to be proactive.”

–Ted M., Director of Safety and Risk Management


reduction in violations month over month