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Whether your company pulls motor vehicle reports (MVRs) annually or multiple times per year, it’s a time-intensive, expensive process that still leaves you in the dark on violations occurring between pulls. There’s a better way to monitor your drivers in near real-time, minimizing the administrative burden.

Improve Driver Safety

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Why SambaSafety?

For over 20 years, SambaSafety has been the industry leader in driver risk management, specializing in driver data, monitoring and training. Through our vaulted records, we have gathered critical insight into the driving population over the years, including:

  • 94 percent of crashes are the result of human behavior
  • Three to five percent of drivers have an invalid license and cause 19 percent of fatalities
  • 26 percent of fatalities involve speeding
  • Distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as the top crash contributor
  • Ten percent of drivers make up 40 percent of annual crash-related costs
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Do You Know Your Drivers?

Employees currently driving for your company are statistically likely to fall into one or several of the above categories – do you have the right tools in place to identify them before they cause a crash or claim?

Utilizing our comprehensive driver risk management solution, Qorta, you can identify at-risk drivers with ease through continuous MVR monitoring. With the click of a button, enroll those drivers in specified training courses addressing high-risk behavior. Implementing proactive intervention methods before drivers are disqualified or cause a crash can help your company retain its top talent as well as protect your employees, community, brand and bottom line.

To learn more about how continuous monitoring completely transforms driver risk, get your copy of our latest white paper.

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Reduction in Driving-Related Violations With Sambasafety’s Continuous Monitoring

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SambaSafety offers unique solutions for a variety of industries.

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