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Proactively identify and enroll at-risk drivers in corporate driver training courses to retain your top talent


Why Qorta University?

Recruiting and retaining qualified drivers in a competitive market is challenging for organizations across industries. High costs are associated with finding and onboarding new drivers, making it critical for companies to proactively intervene with at-risk drivers before they’re disqualified.

With Qorta University, companies can identify at-risk drivers with ease and enroll them in training courses addressing high-risk behavior before a crash or disqualifying incident occurs.

Better Retain Your Drivers

See how Qorta University makes this possible.

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Here’s How Qorta University Can Help Your Business

reduce admin burden with monitoring and training in one platform

Reduce Administrative Burden

Identify and mitigate risk in one platform, reducing overhead associated with deploying a comprehensive training program.

identify high-risk drivers and enroll them in training

Identify High-Risk Drivers with Ease

Utilize MVR alerts and scoring to objectively identify drivers for lesson assignment.

enroll at-risk drivers in specified driver training

Specified Training Courses

Choose from a broad selection of available content, specific to high-risk behavior.

save administrative time with driver training automations

Time-Saving Automations

Enroll either individuals or bulk groups of drivers in training courses.

keep track of when drivers finish training courses

Track Course Completion

Ensure drivers complete their assigned courses in one comprehensive dashboard.

retain your top talent with driver training courses

Reduce Driver Turnover

Proactively improve the driving behavior of current employees to retain top talent.

Why Monitoring and Training Matter

businesses experience success with proactive driver training



Ready to Learn More?

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