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The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring drivers for your company is no easy feat. With historically low unemployment rates, it can be difficult to find the right people. When you do find applicants, it’s critical to properly vet these individuals to ensure they are qualified to be driving company vehicles.

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SambaSafety offers solutions to help vet prospective employees and continuously monitor your fleet’s driving behavior.

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Did You Know?

  • Three to five percent of drivers have an invalid license and cause 19 percent of fatalities
  • 26 percent of fatalities involve speeding
  • Distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as the top crash contributor
  • Ten percent of drivers make up 40 percent of annual crash-related costs

Are you able to easily identify drivers that fall into one of these high-risk categories during your pre-employment screening process? If not, it’s time to find a new solution.

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Why SambaSafety?

For over 20 years, SambaSafety has been the industry leader in driver risk management, collecting data on over 635 million motor vehicle records (MVRs). Over 90 percent of background screening companies use SambaSafety’s MVR data. We deliver millions of MVRs each year to insurance companies, fleet partners and businesses just like yours.

Helpful Resources

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Motor Vehicle Records, or MVRs, have been the backbone of SambaSafety's business and are the gold standard for understanding driver risk. In our latest webinar, Back to Basics: Essentials of MVRs and Monitoring, we answer the most common questions we hear around MVRs and how they can be used to manage driver risk.

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Knowing Isn’t Fixing: The Case to Combine Driver Monitoring and Training

In order to prevent future crashes, it's critical for safety managers to know about violations soon after they happen and immediately taking action to fix that behavior. But simply knowing about violations isn't the same as fixing the problem. By combining driver monitoring and training, safety managers are able to identify at- and high-risk driving behavior and immediately take action by assigning that driver in relevant training courses. Learn more about how remedial, frequent and "premedial" training can be used to improve overall driving behavior.

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The Basics: MVR Records for Employers, Explained

There's an immense amount of information on motor vehicle records, so where do you start? Learn the basics about motor vehicle records from SambaSafety.

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