The new ELDT rules went into effect in early February, but you’d be forgiven for overlooking that the new Hazmat endorsement rules are here too. Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) is already a huge change, and the phrase “piling on” has been muttered more than once. So it’s not surprising that many CDL schools and in-house CDL training programs want a way to provide CDL hazmat endorsement training.

Below, we cover the new ELDT hazmat rules, what they mean for your company or school and how to streamline the whole entry-level driver training process.

How Does the New CDL Hazmat Endorsement Training Work?

The trainee or driver must take and pass the Hazardous Materials theory training program from a training provider who has registered on the DOT’s Training Provider Registry (TPR). They then must pass their state’s written hazmat exam.

Let’s break that down.

  • The new rules apply to trainees or existing CDL drivers.
  • It’s only for new CDL endorsements, not renewing existing endorsements.
  • Drivers must take the course and pass an assessment from a training provider — self-direct training is not allowed.
  • Drivers must pass the 13 topics with an 80% or better score.
  • The state DMV will check the TPR to ensure the school or training provider is in good standing, and that the driver passed the course.
  • The trainee or driver must also pass a written test at the state DMV.

By choosing On Ramp for your school or training program, you can offer hazmat endorsement training for students.


What’s Covered in the New Hazmat Endorsement Theory Curriculum?

The following 13 topics must be covered and tested:

  1. Basic Introductory HM Requirements
  2. Operational HM Requirements
  3. Reporting HM Crashes and Releases
  4. Tunnels and Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossing Requirements
  5. Loading and Unloading HM
  6. HM on Passenger Vehicles
  7. Bulk Packages
  8. Operating Emergency Equipment
  9. Emergency Response Procedures
  10. Engine (Fueling)
  11. Tire Check
  12. Routes and Route Planning
  13. Hazardous Materials Safety Permits (HMSP)

On Ramp covers all 13 federal Hazardous Materials topics in five courses in a little less than two hours. It’s important that as a training provider, you’re responsible for providing any state-specific hazmat information.

“Is more training needed for new Hazmat endorsements?”

No, the 13 topics outlined above are the minimum requirements for the endorsement.

However, transporting and working around hazardous materials opens up other regulatory issues. This is especially true if you’re an in-house training provider. You may also want to include additional courses for your drivers such as:

  • Hazcom, aka Employees’ “Right to Know”
  • GHS: the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
  • Transporting Lithium Batteries
  • IATA Lithium Batteries

You can work with your SambaSafety team to add more hazmat or driver safety courses. SambaSafety has a huge library of more than 175 courses covering different vehicles classes, injury prevention courses and more.

“My driver already has a hazmat endorsement: do the new rules apply to a renewal?”

The good news is that if a driver already has a hazmat endorsement, they can renew it using the same recurrency training as before. Unless their state requires it, they do not need to go through a school to renew their hazmat endorsement.

Use On Ramp ELDT Online Training for Your CDL School

All new entry-level driver training rules put a lot of pressure on CDL schools and in-house CDL training programs to change the way the help trainees earn their CDL. With On Ramp, you can simplify these changes.

On Ramp online ELDT training:

  • Covers all 30+ required topics
  • Handles all testing and record-keeping requirements
  • Is FMSCA compliant right out of the box

Our easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) also helps you manage assignments, match the hierarchy of multiple training locations and provides an easy way to lead in-person, group discussions.

eldt training for hazardous materials
Learning the basics of loading and securing hazmat are some of the topics required in the ELDT hazmat requirements.
online hazmat training for eldt
Knowing the operational rules of the road when you’re transporting hazmat make up several sections of the new hazmat ELDT rules.
hazmat cdl training
You’ll find common sense tips throughout the hazmat ELDT courses. They’re also excellent courses for drivers to take ahead of their hazmat endorsement renewal.

Interested in learning more about how On Ramp can help you provide the necessary hazmat training to your CDL drivers? Schedule your demo today!