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Engaging Your Insurance Consumers in the Digital Age

In today’s day in age, a digital and automated environment is the norm. In fact, 51% of consumers report that they would be less loyal if the digital experience of their insurers was subpar.

With the need for more data, blazing operational speeds and automation everywhere you turn, how are you keeping your customers engaged and involved in their insurance journey?

Personalized Service

88% of insurance customers demand more personalization from their insurance provider. With everyone and their mother selling something to automate one thing or the other, it can be easy to find yourself operating in an assembly-line manner. However, having a digital-forward operation doesn’t have to mean that your business has to lose its human touch. In fact, automating your back-end processes could help you expand on the human experience.

With your manual and time-consuming tasks automated, an insurer can use that newly found freedom in their calendar to build a relationship with their clients. This is where smaller, hometown agencies have a real opportunity. An agent at one of these agencies is going to not only have the landscape insight for your particular area, but they will also be able to make personalized recommendations based on risks that affect your community.

Automation can be your friend – use it strategically to focus on your service – not selling. With 90% of Americans using customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company, are you positioning your business competitively to gain and retain consumers?

And, not to beat a dead horse, but can you afford to not elevate your customer service when 89% of companies with “significantly above average” customer experiences perform better financially than their competitors?

Educational Sessions

It’s not an industry secret that the average insurance customer is not well versed in not only the industry, but also their own policies. In fact – The Zebra ran a survey at the beginning of the year and found that out of the 1,165 insurance customers surveyed, “only 21% of survey respondents would get a passing grade (D+ or higher) when it comes to identifying factors insurers use to determine rates.”

A great way to get to know the face behind the phone and keep your customers engaged is to offer educational sessions that inform them about differences in policies, how risk is assessed, etc. These can range from short, informal Zoom calls to a more formal sit-down presentation. The point isn’t necessarily how your customers are getting engaged, it’s ensuring that they are engaged!

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