Why Your Grey Fleet is the Biggest Roadway Risk You Don’t Know You Have

An overlooked group of drivers

There is an overlooked group of high-risk drivers on the road today despite companies undertaking their best safety efforts. They’re those who get behind the wheel to do seemingly menial tasks such as meeting with customers, performing sales calls, running errands for their employers or are even just part-time workers using their own vehicles.

A larger group than you know

Their number is exponential though and they present hidden, unmonitored risk. Estimated to make up around 30-40 million drivers in the United States workforce, they are often not considered part of the full-time company fleet, subsequently liable for their on the job driving performance.

Many businesses will make the mistake of assuming that this aforementioned driver will be covered by their own insurance, protecting the company from on or even off the job incidents. This simply isn’t true. It only takes one unsafe driver to quickly lump a company into an overarching and more costly statistic. Consider too that, with today’s technologies and tools, businesses are feasibly in a better position than ever to proactively manage driver performance and risk.

Expenses existing related to poor driving

There is even a cost associated with poor driving, showcasing the importance of quantifying unsafe drivers. In 2017, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) estimated that employers lost $56.7 billion due to motor vehicle crashes, with on the job incidents accounting for $40 billion of that sum.

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