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New Tools for Driver Risk Management and Mitigation 

The landscape of driver risk is constantly evolving. Updated safety standards, new compliance requirements and emerging connected vehicle technologies can throw even the most seasoned professionals for a loop. For fleet managers and safety experts, robust risk management tools are more than just a strategic advantage: they’re a necessity to stay afloat in today’s fast-paced world.

At SambaSafety, we’re on a mission to create safer communities by reducing risk through data insights. We’re proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge solutions in driver risk management, available on a single, easy-to-use platform. Several recent updates to our telematics, online driver training and license monitoring features make acting on risk easier than ever before. Here’s how we’re reshaping driver safety.

Combine Data from Existing Telematics Devices with MVR, CSA and Claims Data

SambaSafety’s Telematics Aggregate Insight simplifies and normalizes behavioral risk data, combining it with CSA, MVR and claims data. Near-real-time alerts give a bird’s-eye view of a driver’s unique risk profile, helping to streamline interventions that will stop behavioral patterns before they start. Fleet managers are empowered to make more strategic decisions about fleet safety and risk — all in a single solution.

SambaSafety is an agnostic platform that integrates seamlessly with a number of leading Telematics Service Providers, including Samsara, Geotab and Lightfoot. We continue to expand our footprint, recently welcoming Motive, Lytx Enterprise, Lytx Surfsight, Verizon Reveal (Connect), Verizon Fleet, Fleet Complete, Azuga, Trimble and Zonar (Continental) to our growing list of partners. Thanks to these integrations, we now support over 50% of connected commercial vehicles on the road today.

See How a Single Solution Can Fully Optimize Your Telematics Devices 

Best-in-Class Driver Training Content — in Spanish!

Education is critical to set your fleet up for ongoing success. But if you want to ensure that training resonates with each and every driver, it’s important to offer diverse and inclusive solutions. Our new Fully Spanish Training Curriculum offers a comprehensive catalog of courses — from defensive driving to effective communication and everything in between — tailored for both sedan and light-duty vehicles. Spanish narrations and on-screen text and subtitles offer a best-in-class training experience.

Watch Now: Course Content Preview

Manage Canadian and U.S. Driver Risk with Ease

Cross-border fleets are an organizational headache, posing frequent (and significant) challenges for fleet managers, logistics teams and compliance experts alike. SambaSafety’s recently launched Canadian License Status Monitoring feature, available across all Canadian provinces, is the most effective way for North American fleets to determine driver eligibility. Fleet managers will receive ongoing alerts for any changes to a Canadian license’s status, allowing for better-informed risk management decisions.

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Supercharge Your Risk Management Strategy

Driver risk management can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to create a new safety strategy or strengthen an existing one, combining continuous driver monitoring, training and telematics will forever transform the way you approach risk mitigation.

Want to learn more about how the right technology can transform your driver safety program? Download our free guide to explore how leading fleets are elevating their safety culture, retaining better drivers and protecting their bottom lines.

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