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How a Single Solution Can Fully Optimize Your Telematics Devices

The fast-growing use of telematics solutions is quickly transforming how companies approach fleet risk management. But as the popularity of these devices grows, so does the overload of data that they produce.

It’s estimated that by 2025, a single connected car will upload 25 gigabytes of data to the cloud per hour. That’s the same amount of data that’s generated from 10,000 emails. Now multiply this number across a fleet of hundreds or thousands of vehicles, and imagine how much data would be ingested in just an hour. A week. An entire year. Data for every hard brake, acceleration, tailgate and much more. It’s hard to wrap your head around, isn’t it?

And many companies don’t just rely on a single telematics solution. We must also consider the added layer of combining telematics data from multiple sources and devices (think sensors, cameras, etc.) and somehow making sense of it in a single reporting structure, commonly an Excel spreadsheet.

When it comes to leveraging these devices to inform their safety programs, companies may have access to a lot more data, but not nearly enough insight to maximize its true value.

How can companies ensure that they have an accurate understanding of their risk profile and that they’re taking the right actions to reduce risk across their entire driver population?

It starts with leveraging the right technology.

How Technology Is Transforming Telematics in Fleet Management

While some providers offer systems to help combine this overload of data, these solutions only provide one side of the coin. To establish the complete picture of risk across a fleet of drivers, additional sources beyond telematics must be considered.

By gaining access to existing motor vehicle record (MVR) and CSA data, companies can combine these critical data sources with their telematics data to establish a complete – and accurate – understanding of their risk profile.

SambaSafety’s innovative platform does just that.

As the most comprehensive risk solution on the market, it’s the only existing platform to centralize and normalize data from telematics, claims, license and regulatory sources to provide you with the complete picture of risk.

All of your disparate data is standardized in a way that’s consistent, comparable and easy to take action on – with contextualized alerts, scoring, analytics and on-demand training so you can quickly intervene.

Explore Our Free Guide:
“The Telematics Optimization Playbook”

Our solution can be used by multiple facets of your business to reduce risk and ensure the right actions are taken to keep your employees safer, working to:

Reduce Manual Data Management

Your team will spend less time reconciling different data sources, identifying data gaps and compiling information into single reports.

Increase Data Visibility

Our solution will help you surface key insights and information to improve decision-making and oversight.

Improve Incident Investigation and Response Effectiveness

Our contextualized alerts provide the complete of an incident, reducing investigation time

Improve Driver Training Effectiveness

Our solution provides recommended training courses that are tailored to remediate specific alerts, allowing you to take quick, targeted action.

Reduce Incident Frequency

With better visibility and quicker interventions, you can decrease the near misses and risky behavior that ultimately lead to incidents and claims.

Reduce Claims Costs

Respond to claims more proactively and collate the highest quality data to ensure the right decisions are made quickly.

Reduce Vehicle Damage

Decrease general vehicle wear and tear caused by aggressive driving.

Streamline Driver Assessment and Onboarding

Digitize the process of collecting basic information on driver applicants and assessing their suitability for the role.

Fully Optimize Your Telematics Solutions with SambaSafety

Companies that integrate their existing telematics data sources with SambaSafety’s risk management platform experience:

  • 16% reduction in monthly crashes
  • 40% improvement in driver engagement
  • 50% reduction in manual data management

To continue reading about how our solution can help you better access, understand and take action on risk by fully optimizing your telematics data, download our free guide below! It includes a deeper dive into capabilities, customer success stories and more!

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