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WEBINAR: 6 Telematics Challenges and How Leading Fleets Overcome Them

As companies look for better ways to keep their drivers connected, it’s no surprise that the demand for telematics solutions has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, despite dedicating significant resources to the technology, many organizations are quickly discouraged by their end-user experience.

Between a high volume of data, the reliance on a variety of platforms and inconsistent formats, telematics can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

In our webinar, “6 Telematics Challenges and How Leading Fleets Overcome Them,” we address these common obstacles and arm you with expert strategies that will help transform how your telematics devices contribute to your driver safety program.

WATCH WEBINAR: 6 Telematics Challenges and How Leading Fleets Overcome Them

6 Challenges of Leveraging Telematics Solutions

1. Messy Data

Though the ability to leverage multiple data input sources is one of telematics’ greatest strengths, it’s also one of its greatest weaknesses. We explore why data clean-up is the first step toward improved fleet safety.

2. High Volumes of Data

More data doesn’t mean better insights. In fact, an endless trickle of information can make it even harder to accurately identify leading risk indicators. We discuss which data is most valuable to your fleet safety strategy.

3. An Operational Product Used for Safety

By definition, telematics devices focus solely on operational insights. How, then, can you use them to maintain safer drivers? We discuss how you can better leverage these solutions to increase visibility and inform your intervention strategies.

4. Benchmarking and Comparing Across Platforms

When you’re reliant on multiple platforms, standardizing your findings is nearly impossible. We address how you can bring your data together in one place.

5. System Fatigue

Juggling multiple platforms is a headache for business leaders and drivers alike. Effective driver risk management strategies are useless without driver engagement – that’s why consolidation is key. In this webinar, we explain how comprehensive technology can shorten your list of essential software.

6. Determining Cause and Effect

How can you evaluate which risky driving behaviors led to a claim? How do you prevent similar incidents and hold repeat offenders accountable? We explore all that and more.

At SambaSafety, we believe that telematics data can be – and should be – simple and insightful. Whether you currently use telematics devices or are considering telematics integration, our tips are invaluable for any stage of your safety journey.

Watch our on-demand webinar below to discover expert strategies for combatting these challenges and elevating your company’s driver safety program.

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