Just about everyone was thrilled to tear off that December page of the 2020 calendar and get a fresh start with a new year, 2021.

While there is light at the end of the tunnel, 2020 taught many people that being prepared doesn’t necessarily look like on the ground safety initiatives all the time. Instead, such a tumultuous year emphasized rather the long-term efforts that effectively mitigate risk in a time when controlling it is of the utmost importance.

That’s why SambaSafety’s Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger believes planning is critical. After all, companies are continuing to do their best to assert influence over variables they’re able to control. “Being prepared for any unexpected losses or incidents that come up is one way that you’re going to be able to control risk in 2021,” Waldinger said.

One of the ways you can aide in preparedness? Through the utilization of a driver risk management software like driver monitoring, with Waldinger highlighting eight key benefits. These benefits include risk mitigation, reducing workload by not pulling MVRs, automating safety programs and simply encouraging safer driving, to name a few.

“If I was able to tell you there was a way to reduce crashes, keep your employers safer and substantially reduce the risk footprint of your organization while saving you significant dollars… why would you not use driver monitoring?” Waldinger said.

To learn more about how driver monitoring can effectively enhance your driver risk best practices in a year filled with uncertainty, download our white paper.