What’s An MVR And Do I Need To Check Mine?

You see a ton of different information surrounding motor vehicle records, otherwise known as MVRs, on the internet and how they apply to your day-to-day.

Do you need to be pulling them? What even are they? How do companies such as SambaSafety use MVRs? Let’s start from the beginning.

What is an MVR?

According to Policy Genius, an MVR, standing for motor vehicle record, is essentially a report card for your driving. Otherwise known as a driving record, it features only documented incidents and violations that have occurred. Violation length is dependent based on state, but most commonly includes some sort of lapse in licensure due to administrative reasons (i.e. unpaid parking tickets, unpaid child support, etc.).

Do I need to check my own MVR?

You don’t because of companies like us. We are able to pull driving records for companies that utilize our platform, normalize data that differentiates state-to-state and package it all in a concise and beneficial manner, just for you. Simply put, we are the employee of the month you never knew you needed.

What’s on an MVR?

While we wish we could all leave our weight or age off of our MVR, unfortunately, that is one item that is listed. With that personal information comes additional details on your license class, any endorsements you may have as well as restrictions.

How does SambaSafety use MVRs?

If an employer chooses to utilize our company’s offerings, we provide near real-time actionable information surrounding only the latest negative driving violations. We do this because it ensures that an employer takes safety precautions and proactively aims to keep their communities, employees and drivers safe. Wanting to know how you can best protect your company? Keep your eyes out for our next blog post.