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How You Can Transform Your Business Using Continuous Driver Monitoring

We at SambaSafety understand that every business faces a variety of unique challenges each day. But some of those challenges also remain constant across the majority of businesses, no matter your industry or vertical.

What We Hear Most

We typically hear even from companies where driving is not a primary function that the decision-makers in charge are concerned in some way with keeping their employees safe. More often than not, this surrounds driver safety specifically and how to effectively mitigate risk, both seen and unseen.

That’s why we will boldly say that we have what you never knew you actually needed – in this case, continuous driver monitoring.


Take into Account

How many hours a month do you spend bogged down by motor vehicle records (MVRs) How many times a year, or maybe once every other year, are you checking your current employee MVRs outside of just at hire? What are you doing to actively prevent and mitigate the risk that you may not even know you have day in and day out? Even more, what are you doing to ensure that you know not just what is going on behind the wheel on the clock, but also who should be in the car on behalf of your company?

The Solution

All of these questions at first glance seem as if they present immense challenges and hurdles, but in reality present as equally immense of an opportunity when choosing to implement and utilize continuous driver monitoring. Implementing continuous driver monitoring changes the way that your company manages and approaches driver risk.

Long gone are the days of ordering MVRs, subsequently sifting through stacks of those aforementioned MVRs, hiring temporary personnel if pulling MVRs annually and looking to make sense of hard-to-follow data points that vary state-to-state, all while the data you’re consuming becomes outdated immediately before your eyes. With continuous driver monitoring, you are given the most cohesive image and visibility into your driver population which exponentially less work.

If you’re looking for a driver risk management software solution, and the best MVR monitoring at that, we at SambaSafety have just what you need. Let us show you why continuous driver monitoring matters – download our white paper today and learn more.

To learn more on how you can eliminate the visibility gap while transforming driver risk, download our white paper.

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