Sending your drivers out in bad weather without a plan is like sending kids out in the snow barefoot. Okay, drivers are a lot more resourceful than kids, but it’s still important for them to have the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe. For example:

  • Do your drivers know what steps to take if they are stranded on the side of the road?
  • Do your dispatchers know what to do if a driver misses a delivery window and doesn’t check in?

A Strong Safety Policy Prevents Expensive Winter Incidents

Make sure your team — from maintenance to dispatchers to drivers — knows what to do when the weather turns bad. 

>>> DOWNLOAD NOW: Winter Safety Policy Checklist 

Does Your Winter Safety Policy Cover:
Avoiding injuries?
Breakdown procedures?
Drowsy driving?
Emergency supplies?
Recommended speeds?
Vehicle maintenance?
Planning alternate routes?
What to do if you get stuck in the snow?
Considerations for electric vehicles?

Your Team Has Enough to Worry About This Winter…

Unexpected situations, such as a flat tire, can quickly spiral into an emergency in winter weather conditions. Having clearly defined procedures can keep drivers safe and keep your company out of the headlines.

A comprehensive winter safety policy

  • Helps drivers avoid hazardous situations and expensive incidents 
  • Prevents mishandled situations because drivers or supervisors don’t know what to do 
  • Reduces driver anxiety and turnover — when drowsy drivers know it’s okay to take a quick nap, they avoid the angst of choosing between what they think the fleet wants (get there fast) and what they want (get home safe) 

Once you’ve finalized your policy, send it to everyone on your team and follow up with regular reminders. For example, if snow is in the forecast: 

  • Remind dispatchers they need to give drivers extra time for a pre-trip inspection and advise drivers when chains are required along their route.
  • Ensure drivers know what emergency supplies they are expected to carry and how to obtain supplies.

Winter Driving Safety Policies Made Easy

If you don’t have a winter safety policy, or if you’re unsure whether your current policy is thorough enough, download our free winter safety policy checklist. Use it as a template to create a comprehensive winter driving policy, or confirm your existing procedures cover all the bases (including: wear sturdy shoes with good traction).

Our checklist was designed by safety experts to be as comprehensive as possible. That said, it’s a good idea to seek input from experienced drivers, dispatchers and managers to ensure your policy thoroughly covers any company-specific procedures or equipment.

winter driving safety policy checklist template

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