Continuous Monitoring Saves Lives

Crashes and risky driver behavior don’t originate on the job site. Instead, they occur due to the employees trusted to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.

You can mitigate this. Construction drivers monitored by SambaSafety have nearly doubled their rate of safe driving records year-over-year. Through identification of employee driver safety issues and concerns, you can take measures to address risks before they become full-fledged corporate problems.

Who Your Safety Policy Protects

Job site safety is paramount to your company’s reputation, but given that 25 percent of all construction fatalities are attributed to vehicle-related crashes, are you paying enough attention to who’s behind the wheel?

SambaSafety’s construction safety experts can show you how to gain visibility into violations, license status, medical certifications, endorsements and more.

Understanding and Managing Your Risk

Drivers in the construction industry have an 18 percent higher violation rate than drivers in other industries. SambaSafety integrates supplemental data sources with traditional MVR and CSA monitoring solutions into one streamlined platform, allowing safety professionals to build a Composite Driver Policy Score and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving industry regulations.

Know Who’s Behind the Wheel

Respond to audits quickly and confidently, ensuring compliance against ever-evolving industry regulations. With SambaSafety’s continuous driver monitoring for construction, reckless driving decreased 33 percent year-over-year. Monitored drivers in construction saw a 70 percent decrease in major incidents versus drivers across all other industries.

Identify Your Exposure and Mitigate Driver Risk.

“We have to look at the full spectrum of drivers, not just in the field, but the office risk as well.”

– VP, EH&S


Twenty percent of all worker deaths annually occur in the construction industry. The largest single culprit? Highway crashes.

Driver Safety Made Simple.