Maintaining a culture of safety among your regulated drivers means being proactive and staying ahead of roadside inspections and violations. With Q Transportation, we provide you near real-time information about your fleet and summarize that data in carrier and driver scorecards. These scorecards allow you to efficiently and effectively manage DOT inspections. Keep your drivers in compliance and behind the wheel by making the most informed decisions and positive safety changes.

Increase productivity, proactively address unsafe driver behavior, and ensure compliance at all times.

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Q Transportation - Comprehensive CSA Monitoring

Comprehensive CSA Monitoring

We help you understand your individual drivers and alert you to identifiable events, allowing you to take timely action. This helps you lead your company to improved driver behavior, reduced risk, safer operations, employee retention, and improved CSA scores.

Proactive Driver Intervention

Q Transportation saves you time and resources when it comes to identifying drivers outside of your safety policy. Receiving alerts on high-risk drivers provides a scalable way to manage driver activity data, allowing you to proactively intervene for the benefit of your employee and your company.

Q Transportation - Proactive Driver Intervention
Q Transportation - Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

By eliminating manual reviews of DOT inspection data, you have more time to actively manage your fleet. Q Transportation notifies you of any identifiable event and allows you to automatically delegate drivers to the appropriate manager or place in a remediation or training track. Spend less time on unnecessary administrative tasks and more time managing your fleet.

Eliminate Surprises

Gain near real-time insight into driver behavior with access to all relevant aggregated data on a single platform. Q Transportation proactively presents you with violation and inspection activity at the frequency you choose, with options for daily and triggered alerts. Stay informed and in control.

Qorta - Q Transportation

Driver Safety Made Simple.

“Monitoring really gets our drivers’ attention when we tell them they have one final chance. SambaSafety helps us supplement our early intervention process to keep more people on board.”

– Mike B. Vice President, Risk and Safety

1.5 x

Motor carriers without an MVR monitoring solution are 1.5 times more likely to have two or more basics above intervention threshold.