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How to Create the Perfect Case for Driver Monitoring

You may be asking yourself

How do I build a case for my company to use continuous driver monitoring? We at SambaSafety have a few suggestions for key benefits that easily showcase the value for driver monitoring.

  • Close your visibility gap. Oftentimes, companies pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) once a year or even just at-hire. But what about the remaining 364 days that leave you compromised and with no visibility into your employee’s driving behavior? It’s a problem companies don’t necessarily realize they have until it’s too late. Gain complete visibility 365 days a year through continuous driver monitoring and alerts only when a negative change occurs on an employee MVR and provide the adequate support needed to ensure your best drivers are behind the wheel.
  • Reduction of administrative burden. Through the collection, correlation and analyzation of MVRs, we negate the need for an extra person on staff dedicated to sifting through mounds of oftentimes irrelevant information. Simplifying a once-arduous process means that, through our network of state governments and other third-party information providers, you are able to filter irrelevant data and receive relevant alerts to make more informed driver risk management decisions, all while seamlessly normalizing state-to-state MVR data points.
  • Cost savings. Pulling MVRs is an arduous and oftentimes unnecessarily expensive process, leaving any information you have almost immediately outdated due to the static nature of the activity. With continuous driver monitoring, that’s simply not the case thanks to near real-time alerts of only negative violations. Avoid that unnecessary stress on your bottom line and gain accurate insight into the drivers who have the potential to cost you.
  • Build a culture of safety. We all know that you view your employees as an extension of your company, but what does it mean to have a true culture of safety? In our eyes, it means that you have a comprehensive driver safety policy as part of your company’s overall safety strategy, can identify unsafe driving behavior and intervene before an incident occurs as well as have the most up-to-date driver data – all with the help of continuous driver monitoring.

With SambaSafety’s customers seeing an average 22 percent reduction in driving relation violations due to implementation of continuous driver monitoring and a myriad of benefits, what’s stopping you?

To learn more, download our white paper to learn more about driver risk management best practices.

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