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Why You Cannot Afford to Squander Your Safety Efforts With Telematics

There’s no shortage of benefits when choosing to implement continuous monitoring. Learn how to avoid squandering your safety efforts with best practices.

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Understanding These Challenges Will Make Your Underwriting Methods More Effective

During times of crisis, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, customer expectations vary day-to-day. Learn why this creates new insurance challenges.

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This is Why You Need To Take Comprehensive Safety Measures

What do comprehensive safety efforts look like in a company? Find out why efforts may not be showing your highest risk drivers despite mounds of data.

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Why Your Grey Fleet is the Biggest Roadway Risk You Don’t Know You Have

There is an overlooked group of drivers on the road who get behind the wheel to perform menial tasks. Learn why your grey fleet can cost you the most.

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How Actionable Safety Can Make or Break Your Company Risk Efforts

Motor vehicle records are a major unavoidable expense. Learn how traditional MVR pulls are of the past and why making safety actionable is important.

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Why Your Human Resources Efforts Are In Vain Without Driver Monitoring

Human resources professionals are being tasked more with keeping employees & the workplace safe & secure. Learn how continuous driver monitoring can help.

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SambaSafety Unveils Industry-Leading Advanced Reporting and Customization Features

Why is SambaSafety the cloud-based driver monitoring market leader? We strive to improve. Learn about our advanced reporting & customization features.

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Three Tips To Effectively Mitigate Driver Risk

What steps are being taken to mitigate your organization’s driver risk? Learn more through our three ways in which you can best protect yourself from risk.

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Forget Telematics, Try Continuous Driver Monitoring

Continuous monitoring tells you exactly who should be behind the wheel. Learn why you shouldn’t leave your safety efforts up to chance with telematics.

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