There’s No Competition: The Next Evolution of SambaSafety’s Driver Monitoring

In times of uncontrollable risk, we’re excited to announce one of the most significant enhancements we’ve made in years to our driver monitoring network.

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Save Time and Money On MVRs Without Sacrificing Safety

With uncertainty looming overhead due to COVID-19, we know that the last thing you want to do is pull and pay for hundreds of MVRs.

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In Uncertain Times, Let’s Focus on the Risk We Can Control

These are uncertain times. From COVID-19's rapid escalation, stock market volatility and new work-from-home rhythms, this is uncharted territory for many.

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Public Relations Matters – Drive Safe

Driver safety is vital in keeping your employees, community and company safe. Have you thought about the impact on your company’s public image?

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illustration of male as he is analytically observed

Clean, Transparent Data in the Age of Facial Recognition and Fingerprint ID

There are a number of obvious applications for biometrics in the commercial transportation industry, including securing access to vehicles and facilities, driver identity substantiation and product delivery verification.

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illustration of car and data graph with a red exclamation point

Why Annual Motor Vehicle Record Checks Are Not Enough

If your employees drive for work, you need to know that they’re being safe. The fear of not knowing could cost you more than you think.

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18 wheeler truck driving on road with wifi signals above roof

The Near-Future of Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

What does the future of semi-autonomous vehicle adoption look like?

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illustration of analyzing drivers safety records

Everything You Want to Know About Motor Vehicle Records

When statisticians and data scientists are exploring data in search of wisdom, they will tell you that the more data you have on a topic, the better your results will be.

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delivery services driver on phone while writing on clipboard

The Unique Challenge of Driver Behavior in the Delivery Services Industry

There are nearly 1.5 million people who drive on behalf of their company every day.

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