Long and winding road in the fall at dusk or sunrise with no cars occupying space

What You Aren’t Seeing When Only Implementing Telematics

Read on to learn about telematics and why the in-car devices aren’t enough, whether it be with companies employing drivers or those behind the wheel.

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empty side street in New York City with taxi cab on road

Three Useful and Quick Driver Risk Management Tips for 2021

Times of uncertainty & less drivers on the road means that driver risk management solutions like driver monitoring are more valuable than ever. Learn more.

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Driving a modern car on the road.

How to Own Your Driver Safety Efforts and Initiatives like a Pro

Worrying about your loved ones getting home safe is never fun. Let driver monitoring put your fears at ease and know only the best are on the roads.

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man using phone while driving the car partaking in distracted driving

Don’t Ever Drive Distracted – Here’s Why

There's no denying that distracted driving is a problem, but it has a solution. Learn the most impacted audiences & how to prevent distracted driving.

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Three Common Driver Monitoring Myths You Should Know About

Learn more in-depth about the myths versus realities of continuous driver monitoring, best practices and how you can transform your company’s risk profile.

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Delivery Van on its way to delivery location on winding roadway near city

Why Your Telematics Program Needs Driver Monitoring

When using telematics, there are pitfalls to consider. Learn how tools like driver monitoring can enhance your telematics program and reduce driver risk.

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two cars in a Car crash dangerous accident on the road

The Mistake You Make Every Time You Use the Word “Accident”

It may seem like a small preference between two words but there’s a big difference between a crash versus accident, including who’s at fault. Learn more.

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Aerial view of the Interstate 5 traffic crossing Seattle, Washington State, USA.

Introducing Qorta University: SambaSafety Release Notes [Podcast]

Hear from Rich Lacey, Marian Aavang and Amy Wilson as we dive into features and benefits of the new Qorta University on this episode of “The Prod-cast.”

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Woman gesticulating during interview with media, press conference, close-up

Three Ways to Conquer a Negative Brand Reputation

Best practices may exist for everything, but have you ever considered how to keep your brand’s reputation healthy? Learn more and read our three tricks.

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