In Uncertain Times, Let’s Focus on the Risk We Can Control

These are uncertain times. From the rapid escalation of COVID-19 to stock market volatility and new work-from-home rhythms, safety and risk professionals are in uncharted territory.

Although you have many priorities, we understand that the health and safety of your employees and customers is paramount. We’ve had many discussions with SambaSafety customers in recent days about how they are coping with the crisis while pursuing their mission of reducing risk and promoting safety.

Some of the best advice we’ve received?  Now is the time to focus on controlling the risk we can see. Driver risk can be assessed and managed. As one customer said, “We can’t stop Coronavirus but we can prevent a driver with a DUI from taking the wheel.”

Driver risk management helps keep your people safe and it lowers costs. Monitoring provides peace of mind at a time when it’s sorely needed. Moreover, it can provide the cost reductions that many organizations are seeking, including in the following areas.

Reduced Crashes

SambaSafety continuous driver monitoring provides actionable insight into your riskiest drivers, allowing you to take remedial action to stop accidents before they happen. By preventing dangerous drivers from taking the wheel and correcting risky behaviors, you can save your organization the material cost, time and brand damage of a serious accident. Montioring also allows you identify and retain your safest drivers, which benefits the bottom line in other ways.

Future Cost Management

Driver monitoring lowers the incidence of crashes, by at least 14% in the first year according to SambaSafety’s research, which helps both companies and their insurers. Don’t forget to inform your insurance company or broker that you’re using SambaSafety continuous monitoring as part of your comprehehsive safety program, to convey your commitment to a strong safety culture.

Operational Efficiencies

Companies not using continuous monitoring often pull periodic MVRs on their drivers, which can be a time-consuming and manual process. Moreover, since those MVRs differ from state to state, it can be challenging to consistently and objectively interpret the reports. With many staffs working from home these days, possibly for many months, companies can rely on the streamlined automation of continuous monitoring to efficiently keep their teams safe and reduce risk.

Prevent Out of Service Violations

Coronavirus is already impacting the supply chain. Don’t let compliance issues, suspended licenses or out of service violations further disrupt your business. Our comprehensive driver risk solutions feature CSA and MVR data for unmatched insight into driver fitness, helping you proactively stay informed of new activity, expirations and roadside inspections.

Safety is the main focus of our business. We hope in these unprecedented times that you remain safe and healthy and follow the precautions outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect yourself and others. At SambaSafety, we’re here for you as your partner in providing actionable insight. Let us help you gain comfort in understanding and acting on driver risk.