As the COVID-19 pandemic continues evolving and we approach more normalcy than all have felt in the past year, DMVs are still altering their services provided. There are many factors that are causing such discrepancies in state-by-state DMV operations, including social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC as the general population becomes vaccinated as well as state adherence and enforcement of business occupancy rules.

As a safety professional, it’s important to remain in-the-know on the latest DMV updates in your state. Such minor details can have long-lasting implications, as they can directly impact those driving on behalf of your company.

What to expect: DMV status update

It’s important to know what to currently expect in your state as DMVs are open, but the stipulations of those openings are incredibly nuanced.

Our Government Relations team has remained steadfast throughout the entirely of the pandemic in providing companies like yours compiled updates from each state on a frequent basis, allowing you in turn to bypass any manual painstaking research on DMV operations.

Despite the state DMV operation disparities that exist, some of the main themes we’re seeing across the country include:

DMV update main themes

  • The field offices across the country are continuously opening and relying more and more on appointments.
  • Although the DMVs were once providing extensions for driver’s license and license plate renewals within certain date ranges, those extensions are now expiring in multiple jurisdictions.
  • DMVs are experiencing higher online transactions than ever before.

While every state has different policies in place regarding office hours, expirations of grace periods and late fees, it remains important to keep a close eye on what your state DMV updates include to ensure your employees remain in compliance and safe behind the wheel.

Reach out with questions

If you’re not a SambaSafety customer, but would like to know more, please reach out to our team at 1-888-947-2622, option 4. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you keep track of ongoing DMV operations, as well as how we can best manage driver risk for your employees.

Simply download our document and bookmark the link to check back in. Updated monthly, you will be able to ensure you have the latest and greatest DMV updates.



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