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Why Not All Driver Monitoring Solutions Are Created Equal

Managing risk is in our blood

In these times of uncontrollable risk, SambaSafety is committed in remaining laser-focused on controllable risk. Keeping this in mind, today, we’re excited to announce one of the most significant enhancements we’ve made in years to our driver monitoring network, providing you the most comprehensive industry-wide driver monitoring coverage.


How we’ve built an extensive network

We’ve spent the last two decades building and enhancing a complex data network, integrating multiple data sources with one goal in mind: to provide you the most extensive, accurate and timely driver risk data possible, overcoming state-by-state disparities in driver monitoring infrastructure.

As we continue integrating state systems with additional data sources and proprietary algorithms, we’ve filled in the blanks while providing the most complete driver monitoring coverage in the industry, continuously fine tuning, upgrading and adding to our network.

Driver monitoring requires three key attributes, which we’ve worked to continuously enhance upon in our endless pursuit to provide the most comprehensive industry-wide coverage.

  1. Violation monitoring. Knowing when your drivers are convicted of moving violations as well as understanding violation trends, variety and frequency proves critically important. These attributes help in telling a more complete story surrounding past behavior informing future risk.
  2. License status monitoring. All qualified drivers must have a valid driver’s license, but license suspension occur for a myriad of reasons, ranging from excessive violations to administrative tasks. License suspensions can even occur as a result of things unrelated to driving, including failure to pay child support in some states. The fact remains that drivers with suspended licenses are considered up to five times riskier than those with valid licenses.
  3. Frequency. When it comes to managing driver risk, the only thing better than data is more data. Therefore, we’re always looking for ways to increase our monitoring frequency, balancing visibility and cost for our customers. In this update, a large number of states are increasing data frequency from monthly to weekly, adding further visibility.

If you’re already a customer, there’s almost nothing you need to do to take advantage of these upgrades. These upgrades feed right into all features available today, including reporting, dashboards and SambaSafety’s MVR & Driver Policy Scoring.

At SambaSafety, we’re relentlessly focused on innovation, leveraging sophisticated technology in easy-to-use customer-facing technology and ensuring you have the most empowering actionable insights on your driver population. Rest assured, SambaSafety has the most complete, accurate and timely driver monitoring network in the industry.

To learn more about continuous monitoring transforms driver risk management, download our white paper. 

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