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SambaSafety Leads the Way in Innovation for Driver Risk Management Solutions

SambaSafety stands at the forefront of developing cloud-based driver risk management solutions that consistently drive innovation and transform safety. As a recognized pioneer and leading provider in the U.S., we support over 15,000 organizations with automotive mobility exposure.

With our latest enhancements, we have extended our footprint and capabilities internationally, enabling more organizations across the industry to tackle driver safety management with confidence, efficiency and precision.

Expanding Our Data Footprint

The increasing breadth and depth of our data network enable our continued innovation and growth. We now have access to 3,000 unique and highly complementary sources, allowing us to process over 10 billion telematics data points and over 50 million motor vehicle records (MVRs) annually. This evolution of our data capabilities enhances our domestic and international support for the industry.

Advanced Telematics Integrations

We have significantly expanded our integrations with Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), now covering over 58% of connected commercial vehicles in North America and counting. Our agnostic approach allows us to support an even larger segment of the market, broadening our geographical footprint and deepening the level of detailed driver risk data available to our customers.

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International Expansion

Responding to the global demand for robust driver risk management solutions, we are proud to extend our services to the United Kingdom and Canada. This includes adapting our platform to accommodate the unique regulatory environments and nuanced risk landscapes in these countries.

Our UK-specific solutions integrate telematics monitoring with UK-tailored driver training content, enabling UK businesses to effectively identify and mitigate driver risk within a single platform. We’ve adapted our best-in-class training content with UK-specific narration, visuals and regulations to ensure the curriculum is highly relevant and effective.

Unveiling Cost-Effective Risk Evaluation

No matter your company's size or industry, you can leverage our data solutions to enhance your risk evaluation processes with a cost-effective strategy.

Our suite of configurable data services enables access to the right level of data at the right time while providing greater control over your spending. These flexible solutions are designed to support dozens of unique use cases, ensuring that you can balance return on investment with your operational requirements.

Activity History

Our recent enhancement, Activity History, elevates this cost-effective approach to risk evaluation. It provides nationwide access to enriched driver’s license and violation data, offering an alternative to traditionally expensive MVR pulls.

With Activity History, businesses and insurers can verify driver information more efficiently, reducing costs without compromising on the quality or depth of data.

Revolutionizing Driver Risk Scoring

Risk Index Image (1)-min (1)

SambaSafety is proud to introduce the Risk Index, a groundbreaking tool now available to all monitoring customers, regardless of your chosen package.

The Risk Index transforms driver risk assessment by consolidating multiple sources of driver data into a single, comprehensive score. Unlike any other risk score on the market, this next-level integration unifies MVR, telematics and Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data with training and other driver activities – providing the most holistic view of driver risk.

Comprehensive Driver Risk Assessment

The Risk Index provides a thorough understanding of each driver’s risk profile, enhancing decision-making and risk management across an organization. Employers gain detailed insight into contributing factors, allowing them to proactively address safety and compliance issues faster and more effectively. They can track risk trends, benchmark team performance and even adapt the scoring model to reflect company safety policies and unique risk thresholds.

Introducing the Power of the SambaSafety Risk Cloud

At the core of our latest enhancements lies the SambaSafety Risk Cloud, a robust platform that centralizes, enriches and transforms billions of data points from unique sources into actionable insights.

This dynamic architecture empowers businesses and insurers to evaluate, manage and mitigate driver risks more effectively than ever. By providing a comprehensive and integrated view of their risk landscape, our customers make confident, data-driven decisions, enhancing safety and compliance across all operations.

SS_RiskCloud Infographic_CTA (2)-min

Ready to Learn More?

As we continue to evolve our platform and expand our reach, we remain committed to providing the most comprehensive driver risk management solutions available. With these latest enhancements, we are setting new industry standards for how businesses and insurers manage risk.

Ready to see how our latest enhancements can transform driver safety management? Schedule a demo with our specialists today!


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