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How to Get Rid of Inefficiencies with the Help of Driver Data [Podcast]

One of the things we at SambaSafety pride ourselves on is being a data-first company. In this episode of The Blind Spot, hear from our Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger as he speaks to our over 20 years of data collection. That immense amount of data on-hand gives those within our organization the ability to help not only operationalize a company’s safety culture but their bottom line as well.

What makes us different

“We have an advanced data science team,” Waldinger said, “that focuses not just on analytics, but on predictive analytics. What the data tells us is when you put in driver monitoring, or a monitoring system, not talking telematics, monthly violations reduce by 22 percent and your crashes 14 percent with a 30 percent reduction in your company risk profile.”

How do we leverage all of this driver data to create efficiencies in processes?

Waldinger pointed to examples like employee drivers’ licenses. “Anywhere from three to five percent of employee licenses could be invalid,” he said.

With nationwide crash fatalities caused by 19 percent of drivers with invalid licenses, understanding key statistics like the findings surrounding invalid licenses is of the utmost importance for businesses looking to mitigate their risk effectively. Alongside comprehending the risk that your driver population brings, you need an actionable tool such as driver monitoring in place to help mitigate risk.

Understanding what employee driving risks exist for those driving on behalf of a particular company is critical. We understand this as well, which is why we look at frequency and severity as to two data points that factor heavily into how our solutions work best.

“When these two points line up together, you get a better profile of those drivers,” Waldinger said. “Understanding these two elements gives a company the ability to understand their driver pool better.”



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