How to Improve Your Combined Ratios While Protecting Customer Bottom Lines

Driver monitoring directly impacts your customers – but how?

From the use of the technology, companies can identify negative driving trends and intervene before that driver causes a claim. To help companies save money by reducing crashes and improving employee retention, continuous driver monitoring allows them to:

  • Have conversations with high-risk drivers
  • Enroll high-risk drivers in training programs
  • Reassign high-risk drivers to non-driving positions or in extreme cases disqualify them.

Additionally, by implementing continuous driver monitoring, customers no longer have to spend money pulling MVRs. With each pull costing money and significant manhours, the data offered through continuous driver monitoring provides a complete picture of a company’s risk profile.

Long gone are the days of scrolling through Excel sheets or analyzing confusing MVRs from different states, attempting to make sense of available data. Information customers need to make impactful decisions regarding their safety policy is now available with the simple click of a button.

To learn more about how driver monitoring improves combined ratios and protects your customer’s bottom line, download our white paper.