SambaSafety, the market leader in driver risk management technology, announces the launch of Qorta University, a transformative driver training solution. Fully integrated with Qorta driver monitoring, Qorta University allows companies to assign, deliver and document completion of online training in response to a driver’s behavior, improving safety outcomes and creating a powerful defense record.

Now more than ever, Qorta streamlines timely driver risk management, providing MVR and CSA alerts integrated with a learning management system. Risk and safety professionals are alerted to risk for their drivers and can intelligently assign and manage completion of courses based on specific behaviors.

Gone are the days of dull, one-size-fits-all training assigned months or weeks after a violation. With Qorta University, engaging training content can be quickly tailored to a driver’s needs, delivered via mobile application or desktop browser and modify behavior quickly.

Based on SambaSafety’s recent acquisition of Instructional Technologies (ITI), a leading provider of online driver training systems, Qorta University provides a huge selection of lessons for every driver and class of vehicle, from sedans to heavy duty trucks. Qorta University provides real-world guidance in clear language that shows exactly what a driver should do.

The vast Qorta University library — spanning 252 courses — also includes defensive driving, injury prevention, hazmat, DOT regulations and food safety. In addition to award-winning PRO-TREAD® training, Qorta University features content from other leading training providers including Driving Dynamics Inc., recognized as a top 20 Health and Safety Training Company for 2020 by Training Industry, Inc. allowing customers to choose the best content for their needs.

“The new Qorta learning management system, combined with a robust training curriculum, enables customers to streamline the administration of their driver safety program, ensuring that the right drivers are assigned the right training at precisely the right time,” said Rich Lacey, Chief Product Officer.

“For over a decade, SambaSafety has provided companies with solutions that identify and continuously monitor driver risk. We are excited now to provide an expanded toolset that lets customers take corrective action quickly, develop and retain great drivers and close the loop on risk.”

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