Does it seem like there are more bad drivers on the roads as of late? If you’re nodding your head, it’s more than a gut feeling you’re having. In Q1 2021, the rate of fatal crashes increased 10% to 8,730 deaths compared to 2020. This is the highest number of fatal crashes in nearly a decade.

What’s causing this spike? While extreme weather is on the rise, these crashes aren’t a result of weather events nor are they due to cars malfunctioning. Human behavior is the number one cause of crashes.

The growing number of crashes has brought with it an increase in lawsuits and nuclear verdicts. In fact, one in two personal injury lawsuits involve an auto crash, and three in five of these lawsuits are won by the plaintiff.

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Companies must have a comprehensive, actionable driver risk management strategy in place to combat these concerning trends. One that’s focused on preventing crashes rather than reacting to them. One that ensures you’re aware of violations soon after they happen, as every additional mile that individual drives puts your company at greater risk.

But knowing about a problem isn’t the same as fixing it. Upon discovering a violation, you need a fast, simple and effective strategy in place that’s aimed at fixing that driver behavior.

The shortest distance between knowing and fixing? Assigning relevant training. This helps protect your company by ensuring you’re demonstrating institutional control after an incident. Plus, you’re able to better retain your employees by getting safer drivers back on the road quickly.

Our team recently hosted a webinar, Knowing Isn’t Fixing: The Case to Combine Driver Monitoring and Training, where we discuss the benefits of pairing continuous driver monitoring with training. In it we share strategies on how:

  • Remedial training helps you take immediate action instead of ignoring the problem
  • Frequent training can be used to prevent future violations and crashes
  • “Premedial” training, or remedial training assigned to new hires based on previous violations, can help expand your hiring pool

The webinar also features a tour of our online driver training platform, Qorta University.

For strategies on how training can help protect your company, employees, community and bottom line, watch our free webinar today!

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