This is Why You Need To Take Comprehensive Safety Measures

What do comprehensive safety efforts look like within a company?

For many, the idea alone that pulling motor vehicle records (MVRs) at-hire or annually as well as having a safety policy in place is enough.

What if, though, you were able to understand who your highest-risk drivers were without having to mine through mounds of data? There are many ways to create and enforce a comprehensive safety policy, all of which can help provide the much-needed visibility within an easy to use platform.

Receiving actionable insights is one of the most integral steps in enhancing your safety policy and elevating you to a true safety culture. When being provided miles of data you have to make sense of, you lose the ability to act fast on the most current information. Long gone are those days thanks to continuous driver monitoring, which will let you know in near real-time who is receiving violations, making sense of drivers in your organization who present the most risk.

Stop relying on at-hire and/or annual MVR pulls and a self-reporting policy

Taking the guesswork out of high-stakes information your company needs to know is of the utmost importance. With a wealth of data at your fingertips, all through the click of a button, you go from putting all trust in employees to understanding and gaining visibility into negative violations in near real-time without reliance on self-reporting or annual MVRs.

If your company wants to take an involved approach with those highest-risk drivers, ensure proper training is available to quell the most negative behaviors. With the help of driver monitoring and SambaSafety, you’re able to best identify those patterns and trends of negative driving behavior that exist, making targeted intervention possible.

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