Albuquerque, N.M. and Denver, July 9, 2015 — SambaSafety®, the market leader of cloud-based driver risk management solutions, today announced new product functionality for its industry leading Driver Risk Management (DRM) platform that increases visibility of driver behavior and performance and further enables ease-of-use and efficiency.

“Our proprietary system uses a layered approach to make disparate data about drivers’ behavior useful and actionable, continuously providing the information organizations need to improve driver safety,” said Rich Lacey, senior vice president of product management for SambaSafety. “Our solution is unique in the industry as it delivers actionable alerts that are FCRA compliant — even in data challenged states like Texas.”

New solution features include:

  • Enhanced driver scoring. Under the improved Samba DriverScore®, customers can now customize the point value given to each specific driver event (e.g., speeding, DUIs) to reflect their corporate driving policies.
  • Intelligent Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) routing. Ensures appropriate MVR types are automatically purchased based on state, CDL status and DPPA purpose code—enabling organizations with commercial drivers to get the MVR that contains information they require such as medical certification information.
  • Annual MVR Policy Management. Optimizes the DOT required annual MVR spend for companies with commercial drivers by enabling users to select when to purchase the required annual records (e.g., on a specific schedule, date of hire, or dynamically 12 months from the last MVR purchase date), saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary MVR purchases.

In April 2015, the company also announced it upgraded its basic driver monitoring service to now offer continuous driver monitoring across the nation−ensuring employers are alerted when a driver’s record is negatively affected. SambaSafety is the only DRM platform with access to all 50 states’ DMVs and provides continuous monitoring for regulated and unregulated fleet operations.

“At SambaSafety, we believe the most responsible companies are the ones who are prepared. Through our solution suite, employers can quickly identify at-risk drivers and take proactive measures to improve fleet performance,” said SambaSafety CEO Richard Crawford. “Together with our valued customers and partners, we’re continuing to innovate in the driver risk management market, making driver safety a priority for all types of organizations in all industries.”

About SambaSafety

Since 1998, SambaSafety has been the market leader in cloud-based risk management solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Our innovative driver risk platform, anchored by FCRA compliant data, continuously monitors drivers to deliver a comprehensive view of driver behavior and performance to organizations across the nation. SambaSafety is unique in the industry as our solution delivers actionable alerts that improves driver performance, reduces accidents, lowers insurance costs, and limits risks — ultimately improving driver and community safety. For more information, go to

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