Continuous Driver Monitoring Solutions for the Services Industry

Receive near real-time alerts when drivers receive violations to prevent crashes and protect your employees, customers and reputation.


The Greatest Risk Is on the Road

Driving is core to your business, especially when considering that home service companies account for 25 percent of all transportation services. Driving also happens to be the most dangerous thing your employees do every day.

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Do You Know Your Drivers?

Did you know that human error causes 94 percent of auto crashes as opposed to vehicle and environmental causes? With smartphones creating endless distractions for drivers, distracted driving has quickly overtaken drunk driving as the top crash contributor. Typically, around ten percent of your drivers account for 40 percent of your claim costs, even for companies with a large fleet.

Do you have the right technology in place to identify and address who in your fleet presents the greatest risk on the road?

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Address Driver Risk Head-On

Whether you employ your driver base or hire outsourced crews, the liability for incidents involving these drivers is significant. Companies like yours are a crash away from a negligent entrustment lawsuit that not only impacts your bottom line but also the safety of your team, reputation and insurance premiums. SambaSafety’s Qorta platform provides continuous driver monitoring solutions, helping you proactively manage risk and prevent costly violations.

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Proactively Manage Driver Risk

Here’s How Qorta Can Help

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Ensure Only the Safest Drivers are Behind the Wheel

Get unmatched insight into the driving behavior of your entire fleet with near real-time alerts on violations like speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses, eliminating your reliance on annual motor vehicle record (MVR) pulls and self-reporting.

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Enhance Your Safety Culture

Driving to and from jobs is the riskiest thing your employees do. Dedicate your company to a culture of safety by enrolling high-risk drivers in necessary training programs long before they fall outside of your safety policy.

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Proactively Mitigate Risk

Identify high-risk drivers who are most likely to cause crashes and take action to prevent costly claims, rising premiums and negative impacts to your overall brand.

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