Driver Monitoring Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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The Oil & Gas Industry’s Most Dangerous Job

Did you know that getting behind the wheel is the most dangerous daily activity oil & gas industry employees partake in? Highway vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for oil & gas workers, with four out of every ten killed behind the wheel. Drivers in this industry also have a 50 percent higher violation rate compared to the average United States driver.

What steps is your company taking to keep your drivers, company and greater community as safe as possible?

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Don’t Leave Safety Up to Chance

With low industry profit margins and marketplace unpredictability, it’s more important than ever to protect your business. After all, just because your company has never had a significant crash doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. That’s why utilizing Qorta, SambaSafety’s driver monitoring software, is integral in proactively mitigating risk.

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Driver Monitoring Helps Proactively Mitigate Driver Risk

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Make Self-Reporting a Thing of the Past

Eliminate your reliance on self-reporting with unmatched insight into on and off the clock employee driving behavior. Identify high-risk trips and receive near real-time alerts on negative violations incurred including speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses.

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Monitor Every Driver with Ease

Ensure only the most responsible individuals are behind the wheel thanks to driver monitoring of commercial drivers, contractors or even office employees running errands on behalf of your company. We centralize and standardize all relevant data sources for the most complete risk assessment on your drivers.

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Protect Your Bottom Line

Leverage our comprehensive driver risk profiles to identify employees that present the most risk so you can proactively intervene and educate as you best see fit, helping your company avoid incidents that could impact your bottom line.

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As a motor carrier for the FMCSA, it is our responsibility to know the status of all of our drivers. Now when we sit with a Department of Transportation (DOT) auditor, we have assurance that, even if our drivers don’t self report, we’ll still know about incidents and violations — thanks to SambaSafety.


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