The Industry’s Most Dangerous Job

Did you know that getting behind the wheel is the most dangerous thing oil & gas industry employees do every day? Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the oil & gas industry, with four out of every ten workers killed in a highway vehicle crash. Vehicle crashes are the greatest cause of death for oil and extraction laborers. Furthermore, drivers in this industry have a 50 percent higher violation rate compared to the average U.S. driver.

What is your company doing to keep your drivers, company and greater community safe?

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Don’t Roll the Dice on Safety

With industry-wide low profit margins and lack of marketplace predictability, it’s more important than ever to take every step available in protecting your revenue. Just because your company has never had a significant crash doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Proactively stay ahead of risk by continuously monitoring your drivers using SambaSafety’s driver risk management platform, Qorta.

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Protect Your Team and Your Assets


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Make Self-Reporting a Thing of the Past

Get unmatched insight into employee driving behavior with near real-time alerts, on and off the clock, on violations including speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses, eliminating reliance on self-reporting.

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Monitor Every Type of Employee

Ensure only the most responsible individuals are conducting clean business behind the wheel by monitoring all drivers, whether commercial drivers, contractors or even office employees running errands on behalf of the company.

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Protect Your Revenue

Identify which employees are most likely to cause crashes so you can proactively intervene and educate, helping avoid incidents that cost your company money.

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As a motor carrier for the FMCSA, it is our responsibility to know the status of all of our drivers. Now when we sit with a Department of Transportation (DOT) auditor, we have assurance that, even if our drivers don’t self report, we’ll still know about incidents and violations — thanks to SambaSafety.


Vice President, Transportation, Nine Energy Service

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